What Are Wireless Speaker Apps?

what are wireless speaker appsAs technology changes for what some would say for the better, there are those that run away from it, or simply hide from it and mainly because they don’t understand it, or perceive it to be too hard to learn. Such can be said for some when looking at wireless speakers, just give me a speaker that plays music, what is an app? Do I need one? Will it work on my phone or device?

What is an App?

An app is a handy tool that for the sake of wireless speakers, enhances or improves the user experience of the speaker. It doesn’t make the music sound better, but it adds features and may add some control features, help organize your your music, help you get to your music easier or quicker….to name a few.

App is short for application and is downloaded to your smartphone or other device such as desktop, laptop, Ipod, or Ipad, if you have all of these you may want to download to all the devices you may want to use to stream music to your wireless speaker.

Not All Wireless Speakers Have Apps

At least for now it is safe to say most portable wireless speakers can be enjoyed without having to worry about an app. You simply turn the speaker on and within seconds you can connect it to your device and start listening to your music. Exactly what most folks want!

What is an App Used For With Wireless Speakers

Well in some cases an app is used to enhance the user experience with the speaker. For example an app may allow for several people to connect to the speaker and allow for easier sharing of their music. The Polk Audio Camden Square has a DJ app for sharing music.

The app is some cases will allow you to make music lists, personalize your speaker even more, allow for easier connections to paid music services that you may already have like Rhapsody or Spotify.

Jawbone uses LiveAudio and their app helps users choose tracks that are recorded in LiveAudio.

In some apps, there are handy user guides and the owners manual is easily accessible throughout the app.

In the case of the portable wireless speakers that have apps, you could still use your speaker, play music without using it, but you would be missing out on some handy features, think of the app as a bonus.what are wireless speaker apps

Home Wireless Speaker Systems with Apps

In your wireless systems like Sonos, the app is like the quarterback, and it controls the whole system, usually in a fairly simple intuitive way. The manufactures are always listening, and the apps keep getting better. For instance with the app you can turn music on and off in any room, play whatever song or playlist and in some cases there are music controls like treble and bass.

The App is Free

The apps are all free and easy to download. When you get your wireless speaker, the download link is found in your owners manual. A quick google search will also get you to the link as well. All apps are easily downloaded to your smartphone or device and most all are android/iphone compatible.

If you simply just go to the App store and type the name of the speaker, the app will come up and again download it for free.

Most product feature descriptions will mention if your wireless speaker has an app available or not. The apps are free, in most cases easy to use, so don’t shy away if the speaker you are interested in has one.




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