Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ReviewWireless and portable, those are perhaps the most important keywords for the Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. The Photive Brand is very well known in the market and the Hydra Rugged waterproof addition just seems to make things better, now, customers can buy these wireless speakers for use indoors or outdoors without fear of the weather conditions. However, that alone is not enough to make you buy these speakers, that is, unless you know more about the features. Is the sound quality worth writing home about? Are you going to get the full value of the money that you will pay for these speakers? These and more similar questions are what prompted us to write this Photive HYDRA water resistant Bluetooth speaker review.

Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Portable or bookshelf

Of course, these speakers are definitely portable. You can carry them with you anywhere, what with a weight of 8 ounces only for every speaker? However, nothing stops you from leaving it standing on the bookshelf because it is attractive enough. It does enhance the interior décor a great deal.

***This speaker can also be used as the “shower speaker”


Power Source/battery life

This speaker comes with a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. When full, it can go for more than 8 hours of playtime, all with a single charge. It is sold with its USB charging cable.


Wireless Standard: Bluetooth/Airplay

It is built with the Bluetooth 4.0 Technology (Ultra optimized) so that it can consume less energy yet at the same time give a high quality and very clear sound. The most effective distance for good Bluetooth connectivity is 10 meters/33 feet. The connectivity is prompt with no issues at all and it is compatible with all devices that have Bluetooth compatibility. You can pair it with your smartphone too and listen to music for 8 straight hours.

Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review


You can control the volume and the quality of the speaker from the paired Bluetooth devices like computers, smartphones and laptops or you can control it from the easy-to-find and use buttons on the speaker. The controls for volume are at the top of the speaker, indicated with + and – for increasing and decreasing the volume as need be. The sound controls are on the right hand side of the Bluetooth button and the volume controls are on the left side.

Next to the USB port, there is an auxiliary in-port that allows the user to connect the speaker with devices that are not Bluetooth enabled.

At one end of this speaker, there is a cover that keeps water out. When you open the cover, you will see the aux in-port, the USB port and the on and off button. The aux port is on the right, the USB port in the middle while the on and off button is on the left.

Controlling Music playback

On the right of the Bluetooth button on the speaker, you can use the up and down button to go to the next item on the playlist, or on the last item that you played. You can use these buttons if you do not have your device close by. However, you can also control your music playback from the device, which is the source of the music.

If you do decide to use this speaker in the shower, you can control the music, volume at the speaker so no fear of your music source getting wet, or you having to leave the shower.


Yes, there is a built-in microphone and speakerphone, which you can use to receive calls coming in through your smartphone. This is indeed hands free, very good for you when you are driving or when you are riding the waves in your boat.

Ease of Set-up

It is very easy to set up the Photive HYDRA Rugged speaker. First, on the front is where the two speakers are, and so that side should always face you for better sound distribution. On one end, there is a cover that is responsible for keeping water out. Open it and you will find the on/off button on the left side, the USB port for charging in the middle and on the right, the auxiliary port.

When you turn the device on, a blue light comes on and then it fizzles away, to save power. However, first, you need to charge the speaker for the recommended time, as you will see in the manual.

Press the Bluetooth button and then pair the speaker with your smartphone. Once paired, you are good to start enjoying your music.

Stereo Separation

Stereo separation is merely the separation of sounds through the right and left speaker. When listening to the music you may hear the drums through the right speaker and the guitar from the left, this separation mimics the spatial separation within the studio where the music was recorded. This speaker does have stereo sound, but due to it’s small size you would have to be parked just a few inches from the front of it to hear it, and as you move away, you would lose the effect.

Wireless Range

This is 10 meters/33 feet

Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review Photive Hydra Design

A rugged industrial design, black in color with two speakers in the front, covered with a waterproof silicone cover in all the other sides, comes with a rough grip for safety and most important, it is easy to hold in one hand.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is good and when turned to full volume in a room, people would have to shout to be hard. However, when turned down, the base does tend to disappear a bit. The passive subwoofer and the  40mm drivers (2) give great sound. The sound quality exceeds what you would expect in this price range.


Measures 7.4 inches in length, width is 2.4 inches and the height is 2.4 inches

Photive HYDRA Features

  • Rugged industrial design: made to withstand falls and accidental drops….shock proof!
  • Sound Quality and Volume: with a total sound output of 7 watts, this speaker can get quite loud, and the 2 drivers and passive subwoofer deliver very nice sound for your music.
  • Waterproof: IP rating of 66 means this speaker is water proof, can withstand pressurized jets and waves of water and completely dust proof.  The IP code is a code published by the International Electrotechnical Commission to classify and rate the degree of protection provided against intrusion, dust, accidental contact and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures.
  • Auxillary Port: using 3.5 audio jack to connect most any device


3.5mm audio cable for devices that are not Bluetooth enabled

User manual

USB charging cable

Water and shock proof Photive HYDRA Rugged speaker


• Rubber cover gives a firm grip thus making it safe

• Great wireless range

• It is small, light and portable

• Has control for pause and play, volume and playback

• Very pleasing rugged design

• Very easy to set up, no configuration needed

• The normal USB cable makes charging easy, anywhere

• It is great for gifts to special people who love music

• Long life for the battery lasting 8 hours for one charge

• Very affordable

• Two strong speakers with 7w total output

• An auxiliary port for non-Bluetooth devices


The speaker when wet, due to the design may hold a bit of water and is best dried with a towel, bass not very strong at higher volumes, no carry strap

Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Photive Hydra Consumer Reviews

Going by the many customer reviews, it seems that the Photive waterproof speaker is very popular. One of the outstanding and most notable comments is the affordable price, excellent sound, water and shock-proof ability and the portability as it like a water bottle easily fits in your hand. Many of the reviewers do in fact listen to this wireless speaker in the shower or bath.


We concede with all the reviews posted about this speaker and having read the negative and the positive reviews, we will give this speaker a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Even with many competitors in the market, the small and light speaker that can be easily carried with one hand, the rough silicon cover that makes it easy to grip the speaker and all the other benefits, we think that this speaker is worth every dime paid for it especially as it will give excellent sound quality. We also like the ruggedness, and again for the price, this tough little wireless speaker is a best buy for the price.

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