Logitech UE BOOM Wireless Speaker Review

Logitech UE BOOM Wireless Speaker ReviewLogitech is a Swiss company, yet a global provider of several types of electronic devices, perhaps their most famous is the computer mouse. They founded in 1981 and they currently have some top selling offerings in the wireless speaker arena. We really like the Logitech UE BOOM, (UE stands for ultimate ear) this little speaker seems to have the best of everything that wireless speakers have to offer plus a couple of nuggets that you are sure to enjoy as well. Please take a look at our detailed review.

logitech UE BOOM wireless speaker review



Portable or Bookshelf

This speaker is definitely made to be mobile, take it with you. It is built to withstand whatever environment you are in, and it is rugged as well. Due to the amazing sound, this speaker also has the profile to be used as a bookshelf speaker but we recommend you take it with you.

Power Source/Battery Life logitech UE BOOM wireless speaker review

This speaker comes with a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. This speaker will play for up to 15 hours on a full charge. To check battery life simply push the + and – buttons at the same time and the speaker will tell you the % of battery life, the speaker has left. The unit will also power off after 15 min without music or interaction to save battery life. This speaker will also play while charging.

Wireless Standard: Bluetooth A2DP

Bluetooth is the method by which the audio signal (music) is delivered from the source (smartphone or tablet) to the wireless speaker. A2DP is designed to transfer a uni-directional 2 channel stereo audio stream, for better quality audio.

Bluetooth HFP is what handles the wireless signal when using the speakerphone feature.

Also can connect to NFC enabled devices as well.


Fairly simple here, you get a big + and – along the rubberized sheath to be used for volume, and pushed together you can get the battery life report from a pre-recorded voice.

The power switch is at one end in the middle, push in the dimple like concave area to turn the unit on, you will be greeted with a drum beat to let you know it is on, along with seeing the white LED display under the power button.

There is another LED in the Bluetooth dimple to show pairing status, and a light by the charging port on the opposite end.

The controls for playback of the music are handled from your devicelogitech UE BOOM wireless speaker review


This speaker does have a speakerphone feature, the music softens, you can take your call and listen through the speaker. It is very basic, you control through your smartphone. The Big Jambox certainly has more features when it comes to the speakerphone capabilities.

Ease of Set-up

Very easy to set up, within seconds you can have your speaker connected to a device

Stereo Separation

Stereo separation is merely the the separation of sounds through a left and right speaker. When listening to the music you may hear the drums through the right speaker and the guitar through the left, this separation mimics the spatial separation within the studio where the music is recorded. This speaker creates a balanced 360 degree soundfield so you feel immersed in the music, so you might hear the drums coming from any direction. Now these speakers can be paired together if you have two or if a friend happens to have one. You can then enjoy a very noticeable stereo separation affect.

Wireless Range

The Bluetooth range is around 50 feet. The means to prevent drop offs or interruption in your music, the device (music source) needs to be within a 50 foot ranges of the speaker.

logitech UE BOOM wireless speaker reviewUE BOOM Design

This is where this speaker really shines. The shape is very much like a large energy drink can. You can place it in a drink holder space on a bike, or there is a D-ring hook on one end to connect it to a fence if playing ball at the park, belt loop or there are a number of possibilities. The ring even unscrews to uncover a tripod mount for an instant speaker stand.

This speaker also comes in a several different colors, a pink vibe, night black, a very colorful limited edition tippsy, lake moss green, cyan blue, white and red.

The speaker itself is made from rugged materials to make it water resistant and stain resistant, the removable rubber covers for the USB and Aux ports, to add another layer of protection. The UE’s protection is what they call an acoustic skin, a layer of protection to keep water out, it is a stain resistant type cloth covered in a plasma coating. It protects, yet allows for the sound to flow. The other noticeable feature is the smooth rubber cover on the ends and up the side where the – and + buttons are located.

We know this speaker has two 1.5″ drivers and two 2″ passive radiators. Logitech gives fairly generic descriptions of the speaker specs.

Sound Quality

We liked the full loud music this wireless speaker delivers, it sounds good in and outside. As with most of these smaller speakers bass usually suffers a bit, but overall we like the warm tones. I listened with live acoustic recordings of a few of my favorite guitarists and I was surprised how well and true the music played from this small speaker.

One of the features of this speaker is the Double Up feature to enhance the sound even more. You can play both speakers together in double mode where they each play, reproducing the music sound the same way as they did alone, only now there is two, or they can play in stereo with right and left channels for a wide spatial separation of music sound.

The app that is used also has an EQ setting to further enhance the sound quality of the speaker.

Dimensions  logitech UE BOOM wireless speaker review

Diameter: 2.6 inches
Height: 7.1 inches
Weight: 19 oz (speaker only)
with batteries approx 2 pounds

Logitech UE BOOM Features

360 degree sound: immersive sound, pretty impressive for such a small speaker
Life resistant: built rugged for use anywhere, shower, pool, park and with life things happen and this speaker is built to handle stuff with the protective coatings
Portable: versatile shape, D-ring allows you to clip to anything, take it with you
Share the music: can share music with friends from different devices, will pair up to 8 devices at once, easy pairing via NFC as well
**note** NFC technology is also called near field communication, and NFC is the standard used that allows for the devices when both are enabled to communicate with each other by touching them together or by getting them within a few inches of each other. Some smartphones use this like Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4
Long battery life: up to 15 hours, so this speaker can get you through the day up into the night
Share BOOMS: does your friend have a boom, connect them together for nice stereo sound
Alarm feature: the app can be set to use as an alarm to wake up to your favorite song
Speakerphone: can use as speakerphone for easier listening
3.5mm audio jack: can use this to hook up speaker to a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth or NFC
Removable D-ring for tripod mount: can use a tripod for a speaker stand
Mobile UE BOOM App: enhances speaker, allows for EQ control, pairing with another UE BOOM, using as an alarm, access to manual
improved wireless range: up to 50 feet


Micro USB cable
AC power adapter
User guide

Although this is a ruggedly designed speaker, there is a molded hardshell case available for the UE BOOM

Pros   logitech UE BOOM wireless speaker review

great quality sound, rugged design, better portability than competitors, long battery life, nice app features, can pair with another UE BOOM, NFC standard, allows for music sharing, speakerphone, loud, nice variety of color options


battery not replaceable, weak bass, but for theses small speakers, good betteer quality bass is hard to produce

UE BOOM Customer Reviews

Overall ratings were very solid for this wireless speaker. Folks were happy with the sound overall with the occasional grumble about the bass. The most satisfaction seems to be centered around the ruggedness and weatherproof design. This speaker is also very loud for such a small speaker and is a hit at outdoor events. The apps are also a nice addition as well. We rate this UE (upper echelon)BOOM a solid 4.9


We are not sure why, but the black seems to enjoy a cheaper price, up to 11% cheaper than the other colors as of this writing. We love the features and the design of this speaker. We think the portability aspect and good loud sound is well worth the price, however if true music quality is what you are after, then spend a little more. Your going to spend a bit anyhow on a decent wireless speaker, we like the fact that this speaker is built to take a beating, can get wet, has all the popular features and then some and is likely to last a good while.

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logitech UE BOOM wireless speaker review







Pairing Your Speaker plus using the Controls


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