Eton Rukus XL The Portable, Solar Powered, Music Wireless Sound System Review

Eton Rukus XL The Portable, Solar Powered, Music Wireless Sound System ReviewBluetooth Wireless Speakers are becoming an endless stream of basically the same thing….it is getting harder for Brands to stand out, especially in the $100-$200 price range. With the Eton Rugged line you know you are getting innovation, and as of now in this rapidly changing niche, the only ones offering solar powered wireless speakers. We loved the Eton Rugged Rukus and The Eton Rukus XL Portable, Solar Powered Wireless Sound System is even better, more powerful and the sound is superb. This wireless speaker definitely stands out from it’s competitors.



Portable or Bookshelf

Think of the Eton Rukus XL as a 1980’s Boombox, definitely portable, however the solar panel begs to be used outdoors on the go. You could also leave it plugged in and it is good enough sounding and stylish enough to leave on the bookshelf.

Power Source/ Battery Life

This speaker is powered by a Lithium ion battery, When fully charged the battery can last 8 hours. The speaker can be run in the sun with the solar panel that is built in the unit, then when the sun goes down you can use the battery for 8 hours or you can use the speaker on AC power. You have options with this speaker.

Wireless Standard: Bluetooth

Bluetooth, one touch pairing with ease.

Eton Rukus XL The Portable, Solar Powered, Music Wireless Sound System Review


Rubber button controls are easy to find and use; they are located at the top of the device including volume, bass boost, auxiliary mode, battery status and music playback controls. You can also control it using your Bluetooth enabled device.


The Eton Rukus XL does not contain a speakerphone feature.

Ease of Set-up

Set-up is extremely quick and easy. It powers on within a couple of seconds, and easily pairs with any device.

Stereo Separation

Stereo separation is merely the the separation of sounds through a left and right speaker. When listening to the music you may hear the drums through the right speaker and the guitar through the left, this separation mimics the spatial separation within the studio where the music is recorded. This sound system has nice sounding stereo sound.

Wireless Range

Most Bluetooth devices pick up range up to 30 feet. This one is no different. You must be within 30 feet of the speaker in order to properly stream your music.

Eton Rukus XL The Portable, Solar Powered, Music Wireless Sound System Review

Eton Rukus XL Design

The Eton Rukus XL utilitarian design serves as an apt metaphor for its sound signature. It is designed to look like a stereo speaker. It is lightweight, and easy to carry around. It contains an extra Large Solar Panel, ensuring that you get maximum battery life while out in the sun. When the panel is not in use, it folds neatly back into the compartment in the rear of the speaker. The compartment in the front middle easily folds up and down, so that you can store your Bluetooth Device (phone) and when moving around only have to carry one object.

Sound Quality

The sound quality on this one is spectacular. With a total of eight full-range speaker drivers; two tweeters, two woofers and four passive radiators, the rukus XL blasts 22 Watts of stereo sound. When you need to enhance the lower end, just hit the bass boost button for extra oomph.

A speaker driver is an individual transducer that converts electrical energy to sound waves, typically as part of a loudspeaker. In a multi-way speaker like the Eton Rukus XL, specialized drivers are provided to produce specific frequency ranges, in this case tweeters and subwoofers. There are 2 of each built in to this speaker.

There are also 4 passive radiators, and they are designed to reduce movements in the speaker while at the same time producing low frequency sound or in this case big bass sound.

So what you end up with here is 8 speaker drivers and 22 watts of power for big sound and this speaker delivers not just loudness but nice balanced stereo music, very much like the older boomboxes.

Eton Rukus XL The Portable, Solar Powered, Music Wireless Sound System Review


14.5 x 5.2 x 8.1 inches

7 Pounds

Eton Rukus XL Features 

Extremely Portable: Weighing only 7 pounds, this speaker can be brought around with you from one outdoor spot to the next.

AUX Feature: If you don’t have a Bluetooth Enabled device, that is not a problem! You can easily connect your device via the included AUX cable.

Long Lasting Battery Life: This battery can last up to 8 hours, ensuring maximum listening experience.

Capable of Charging your Device: If your iPhone, iPod, or iPad needs charging, you can do this via the Eton Rukus XL speaker!

Solar Panel Charge: No need to have wires hanging around. This speaker charges via the sun, great if no AC power is available

Price: For the price point, this one is a must!

Features on this device are pretty impressive, overall. It contains an line-in audio input which you can switch to from the default Bluetooth wireless connection using the auxiliary button, a DC power input for when you need to charge up the device quickly and without the sun’s help as well as an on/off charging switch that controls the Rukus XL’s powered USB port which enables you to plug in an external device to charge.


AC Adapter

Owner’s Manual


AUX Feature

Solar Panel Charge

Amazing Sound Quality

Light Weight

Long Battery Life

Unique Design

Hidden Device Compartment



no carrying handle

no speakerphone

outside use is not worry free, some question it’s toughness

Eton Rukus XL The Portable, Solar Powered, Music Wireless Sound System Review

Eton Rukus XL Customer Reviews

This speaker has excellent customer reviews, overall. Most users agree that the sound quality is amazing, and can’t be beat. The price point is spot on, It’s easy to move around with you, and the solar panel makes this a winner. A couple of users do complain about the carrying handle being awkward and would have really liked a better carrying design, like a strap perhaps. Some reviewers would have liked a radio built in, and I think they forget they can stream radio easily through their device if they real want radio.


Priced at around $150, the Eton Rukus XL is an excellent value for what you are getting. The sound quality on this is amazing, especially compared to other speakers in the same price range. The solar panel really helps to extend battery life, and is a neat feature, especially if you need to charge other devices.You can easily spruce up a dull backyard barbeque into a pumping dance-a-thon. Overall, we give this product a 4.8 rating out of 5.

Eton Rukus XL The Portable, Solar Powered, Music Wireless Sound System Review

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