Definitive Technology Cube Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Definitive Technology Cube Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerDefinitive Technology is a very strong brand when it comes to high performance speaker products and they now have every type of speaker in their impressive line up with the new Definitive Technology Cube Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. The best way to describe the excitement as a reviewer with this model as compared to other portable bluetooth speakers is like letting a mini van salesmen play with the corvettes for a weekend!

definitve technology cube bluetooth wireless speaker review



Portable or Bookshelf

This speaker is a little on the heavier side of portable speakers at 5 lbs, but it does have a handle built in for easy carrying. This speaker is not for outdoor activities per say, more like room to room, or perhaps the deck or porch. The design is simple has nice smooth lines and looks good on the desk, floor or bookshelf.

Power Source/Battery Life

This speaker can certainly run on AC power, but if you want to move it to the kitchen or your backyard party, simply unplug and the battery with last a good 8 hours.

Wireless Standard: Bluetooth

This wireless speaker is a Bluetooth standard that supports aptX audio coding for better audio sound.
The Cube also has NFC touch to pair, you simply touch your NFC enabled device to the Cube for easy pairing. The power button will also serve as an indicator for battery life.


Definitive Technology Cube Controls

The controls are located on the top front corner. They are simple easy to use for easy pairing, you can also control the volume, pause, play, and the power button, all together. The power button will also serve as an indicator for battery life.


There is no speaker phone. capabilities

Ease of Set-up

Very easy, out of the box you can be listening to music in just a few seconds. The control panel is easy to find and use.

Stereo Separation

Stereo separation is merely the separation of sounds through the right and left speaker. When listening to the music you may hear the drums through the right speaker and the guitar from the left, this separation mimics the spatial separation within the studio where the music was recorded. This speaker because of the design allows for a wide, very big sound field, almost like stereo on steroids with the big almost omni directional sound. It is very pleasing.

Wireless Range

The Bluetooth range is approx 30′, Your music source, say your tablet must be within 30 feet of the speaker for your music to stream without interruption.

Definitive Technology Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Definitive Technology Cube Design

OK this is where the fun begins, this speaker is literally a 7.5″ cube, comes in black or silver, nothing striking about the outside, but what is under the hood is truly high performance. There are 6 drivers pushing sound. You have (5) 1.25″ mid/high frequency drivers that are powered by (3) 15 Watt amps. You also have (1) 5.25″ subwoofer that is powered by a 35 Watt amp. The drivers are also using DSP technology and that is digital signal processing which uses a highly specialized computer chip that makes the music lifelike and dynamic at all volume levels and sound frequencies.

Definitive Technology calls the way the speakers are configured a “tri-polar” configuration. If you are looking at the nose or front corner of the speaker, your right and left channels are firing from the sides at 90 degree angles to one another for a wide stereo sound field, and you have a driver and the subwoofer firing from the top. Very much like a 3.1 system. Right, center, left channels, plus the subwoofer.

This speaker has more drivers, and is backed by more amp power than most systems. The design alone is so intuitive and clever as the imaging and sound field is so much bigger, more powerful, and with stronger bass backing it all up.

Sound Quality

Definitive Technology Cube Black

So after seeing what is under the hood, the next question is does it deliver the sound quality you would expect. The answer is an absolute yes! This speaker is one of the best if not “The” best sounding wireless bluetooth speaker. The clarity and crispness was exceptional and the bass was punchy, very responsive. I thought all the tracks I played just sounded awesome, lively, refreshing at all volume levels. There was no distortion at the higher volumes and the music was robust. Frankly this is how speakers are supposed to sound. I like to listen to the tracks on this list when playing with the speakers, for a nice musical range.


H: 7.5″
W: 7.5″
D: 7.8″
5 lbs

Definitive Technology Cube Features

Bluetooth aptX and NFC: allows for easy paring, and high quality, CD like sound
Long Battery life: up to 8 hours
Superior Sound: You will be amazed at the beautiful sound of music coming from this portable speaker
Portable: only 5 lb with a carrying handle to move from room to room
Ease of Use: simple button display, easily pairs to device
Aux In: for non bluetooth connection if needed


6′ AC power cord
40″ stereo minijack cable
user guide


Definitive Technology Cube Silver

easy to use, sound quality,sound quality, sound quality, 3.1 sound signature great for watching movies on your computer or tablet, portable


some might say battery life, but to deliver the power needed for the unit, 8 hours is really good, even though it has the handle built in, a carrying case would have been nice.

Definitive Technology Cube Customer Reviews

The same thing is repeated over and over, sound quality is superior. To borrow the words of one review “this model is not exactly affordable but it is NOT overpriced”, if sound quality is important to you, you will want to own this beauty. We totally agree and give this speaker a best 5.0 rating. At the time of this writing the best prices can be found at Best Buy. The prices do also fluctuate at Amazon so check there as well.


The quality and performance command a higher price point, right now you can get this speaker for less than the Bose SoundLink III. Most who are interested in beautiful sounding music will not fret. This speaker is worth the asking price, but do shop around as you can find some considerable savings.


definitive technology cube bluetooth wireless speaker review
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