5 Best Wireless Speakers

5 best wireless speakersChoosing the 5 Best Wireless Speakers of the year is kind of like choosing the top 5 contestants on American Idol. Very tough, very subjective, and hard to get folks to agree totally, however by the time you get to the top 5 contestants there is no doubt that these folks can sing beautifully and each have unique special objective qualities that propelled them to the top. The same can be said for how we chose each selection for our 5 best wireless speakers list as our main focus is sound quality and these speakers deliver in a big way!

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5 Best Wireless Speakers

RankBluetooth Wireless SpeakerBest PriceReviews and Ratings
1Creative Sound Blaster ROAR
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# of Reviews: 1,192

Average Rating: 4.7
2Polk Audio Camden Square
are wireless speakers wireless
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# of Reviews: 781

Average Rating: 4.6
3Bose SoundLink III
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# of Reviews: 332

Average Rating: 4.6
4Fugoo Tough
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# of Reviews: 446

Average Rating 4.3
5TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34
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# of Reviews: 285

Average Rating: 4.3

*The # of reviews are from Amazon only, we did not add the number of Reviews from other sites or from the manufactures site. The table above gives only the list of our top 5 which was narrowed down based on sound, plus a whole bunch more information. Below you will see features of each Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

Creative Sound Blaster ROAR

Creative Sound Blaster ROAR best wireless Speaker

The Creative Sound Blaster ROAR is one of the most feature rich bluetooth wireless speaker on the list. This little speaker might be what you could say is over engineered. The sound is very impressive and this speaker is also one of the least expensive on our list.

Additional features include:

Bluetooth Multipoint: Allows for two Bluetooth devices to be paired at the same time

HD Audio Codecs: Supports aptX and AAC for higher quality audio streaming

Speakerphone: hands free smart phone calls

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Integrated MP3 Player: Enjoy your music using the microSD card, without having to use your phone or other device

Dual Purpose Battery: You can charge your smartphone or tablet and still get 8 hours of listening

Bedtime Mode: gradually lowers the volume, then automatically shuts down for the night

Link Security: Allows for different pairing modes

NFC: Easy Bluetooth connectivity, simply tap an NFC enabled device to the Sound Blaster ROAR

MicroSD Card Reader: browse or modify contents of any SDHC microSD card up to 32GB when connected via usb to PC/Mac

Voice Recorder: records audio and calls directly to a microSD card

Soundblaster USB Audio: can function as a external speaker for your PC

Siren: one touch, get attention when you need it

Sound Enhancements: Terabass for bass control, ROAR button for extra loudness boost

Megastereo experience: join two Sound Blasters together for wider stereo sound or enjoy a 360 degree wide sound field effect with just one.

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Polk Audio Camden SquarePolk Audio Camden Square best wireless speaker


The Polk Audio Camden Square is one of our favorites. This wireless speaker is a no frills, very simple to use, and great sounding. The design  has a cool look.

This speakers musical clarity is exceptional and the 360 degree sound field is truly special. The recent price reduction has made this a really exceptional value.
Additional Features Include:
Music Sharing: Using a free DJ app, up to 4 others can connect and make a song list for the party.
Weight: 4.3 lbs
Superb Battery Life: This speaker boasts and delivers on a 24 hour music session without a charge.
Full Range Performance: Fantastic Sound Quality


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Bose SoundLink III Bose SoundLink III best wireless speaker

The Bose SoundLink III is definitely an upgrade from the very popular SoundLink II. Bose enjoys very strong brand recognition and with no doubt this speaker delivers with very nice quality music. Impressive, and so is the price. The two major upgrades are to enhance the battery life and to improve the sound quality which they did.

Additional Features Include

Silicone Button Panel: protects from dirt and dust

Longer Battery Life: up to 14 hours

Weight: 3.03 lbs

USB port: For software updates to keep Bluetooth technology current

Optional 12V Car Charger: to keep you mobile

Improved technology: enhanced quality sound, louder


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Fugoo ToughFugoo Tough Controls best wireless speaker

The Fugoo Tough is exactly as the name implies. This speaker is built for all weather and can take getting roughed up a bit. Not only engineered to be tough, but great sounding as well. This speaker also has a very nice 360 degree sound field that is very impressive. This speaker also enjoys one of the longest duration of battery life for most all wireless speakers with a whopping 40 hours. The price also makes this a good buy.

Additional Features Include

Battery Life: 40 hours

Hardy Exterior: made to withstand all elements

360 degree sound: 6 drivers power the sound that is loud and amazing

Weight: 1.4 lbs

Jackets: 3 different jackets for added style to choose from

Bluetooth Remote: can be worn on your wrist, can also open bottles

Easy Cleaning: outer skin is removable


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TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34TDK Life A34 Best Wireless Speaker

The TDK TREK Max A34  is the only other wireless speaker on our list that has a speakerphone. This speaker has the lowest battery life expectation at only 8 hours, but the other features, beautiful sound and the current pricing more than makes up for the battery. This is another very strong entry in our top 5 list.

Additional Features Include:

Weatherproofed: built to withstand the outdoors

Near Field Connection technology: just tap and pair

speakerphone: nice quality, plus handsfree

Nice sound: Rich punchy bass, stereo sound that delivers a more omni directional sound

Charger: can charge your smartphone

Weight: 3.6 lbs

Price: currently 40% savings


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 Putting together the Best 5 Wireless Speaker list

As you look at wireless speakers you come to realize quickly that smaller, less expensive speakers, usually in the $100 or less just can’t measure up with good quality sound, they are usually tinny, with poor bass, and frankly you get what you pay for.

Sure with quality comes a slightly larger price point, but our list has a nice range as we believe you can find value here as two of these speakers are half the price of the most expensive one.

To build this list of top speakers a set of criteria were selected. The 5 best wireless speakers on our list all have:

  • beautiful rich sounding music, this is the primary reason each speaker made the list
  • strong average consumer reviews of 4.3 or better
  • speakers are engineered with sound quality as a priority
  • are portable
  • are readily available online


This list works for folks who are of course looking for great sound, but this list has a very nice range of styles, durability if needed, battery life and each speaker is extremely well reviewed by satisfied consumers who put sound quality at the top of their ratings. This is a feature rich list, good sound is a given, now just find the other features that are important to you, put it all together to ensure you get the best value for your money.

How was this list compiled?

1. We have listened to many wireless speakers.

2.We look at the consumer reviews, product manuals, look at the speaker features, play with the speaker and we give them our own rating number when we do our reviews.

The result, though, is to get all the information in one place to assist you in your search for the best wireless speaker of the year. These speakers all have one thing in common….GREAT SOUND! Then each has a set of features that sets them apart from each other, but If you start with our 5 best wireless speakers, we believe you won’t be disappointed.





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