Wireless Speakers For Your Laptop

wireless speaker for laptopAs you know the speakers in your laptop are horrible, and the quality isn’t much better than the speakers in your cellphone, so what about getting wireless speakers for your laptop?

Sure you likely have and use headphones, or even strain at times to listen, but getting some bluetooth wireless speakers can make all the difference. One of the advantages of having a laptop is greater memory to be able to store larger libraries of digital music and having a bluetooth wireless speaker allows you share that music with others. If you are alone and just want to jam, you won’t have to be tethered to headphones.

Another use for a laptop is to be able to play movies, TV shows on demand, or to watch You-tube videos and having a nice quality wireless speaker or speakers can very much enhance the experience.

The same can be said if you are a gamer and use your laptop for games, having nice rich sound from a speaker or speakers only makes it better.

Now there are some flimsy wireless speakers on sale that are under $20 but the speakers are much the same size as the ones in your laptop, and the watts per speakers are also small 1 to 3, so you should really save your money, especially if quality sound is what you are after.

If you are interested in adding good quality sound, most portable wireless bluetooth speakers in the $100 range and up should suffice and also be considered for you to use as the wireless speaker for your laptop.

Wireless Speakers For Laptops can come in All Shapes and Sizes and Be Perfect

Below are a few choices we liked for pricing, quality of music, and for the power to deliver the nice sound and to truly enhance your listening experience while using your cellphone, tablet, or laptop.


GOgroove USB Laptop Computer Speaker

This speaker has a nice design, attractive and light. Powerful sound for an Ultra-portable model, and it is priced around $25.  Has 2 drivers and 2 passive sub woofers for nice high definition stereo sound.

Additional Features:

  • Full Aluminum Body: light at 1 lb
  • Sound Quality: 3D sound, (2) 50mm drivers and passive sub woofers, DSP technology for crisp, clear sound.
  • Long Battery Life: 10 hours
  • Built In Mic: Hands free speaker phone
  • Aux In: USB connectivity
  • Reviews: Perfect reviews, new speaker

Kinivo M2 Bluetooth 2.1 Wireless Speaker for Laptop

Kinivo M2 wireless speaker for laptop

We like this for several reasons, the price currently is under $100, this is a 2.1 system which means right and left channels plus subwoofer for big sound. The power is great at 56 Watts and this is perfect for your computer, laptop or any of your devices. The system is attractive and easy controls work this little beauty.


Additional Features:

  • Bluetooth, also NFC pairing
  • powerful sub for deep rich bass
  • Works with all devices, laptops, computers
  • Aux In for non Bluetooth connection if needed
  • Perfect for the desk
  • Full rich sounding music

wireless speakers for laptop




Definitive Technology Sound Cylinder Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Laptop or Tablet

definitive technology sound cyliner

We really like this, currently a big price savings off 50% Grab it NOW!  This is a neat design as it will hold a tablet or mini tablet, or if using a laptop will clamp on to the screen top. The sound is fantastic and delivers 2.1 sound. They also use DSP technology, and there is a sub built in for rich bass. This is a “In your face design” Very easy to transport.


  • Additional Features:Sound Cylinder for tablet
  • Bluetooth
  • clamps to secure to device/laptop
  • surround sound quality
  • 2 drivers and one sub woofer with DSP technology
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Aux In if needed
  • light weight at 1lb

wireless speakers for laptop



You could also choose any speaker from our 5 Best Bluetooth Wireless Speakers list to use as your wireless speaker for your laptop as well, see the list hereYou definitely have many choices and for quality sound will likely need to start at or around the $100 range and head north.




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