Waterproof Wireless Speakers

waterproof wireless bluetooth speakersWe are assuming you are looking for waterproof wireless speakers and not water resistant. The speakers mentioned below are engineered to be able to handle a wet environment as being outdoors on the go often includes getting wet. Some speakers can handle being dropped in the water, being outside in the rain, or even float. They are shock proof, dust, sand and dirt proof, and they are made to take a tumble or two.

Some of these models you might also include in the best portable wireless speakers list as they are indeed portable. They come with some nice features, are engineered not only to withstand the elements, but have to have loud beautiful sounding music.

What is a waterproof wireless speaker-The IP Ratings

You may have seen the IP ratings given for various speaker models. IP stands for International Protection rating.

So you see IP then a number like IP56:

  •  First number indicates level of protection from solids or materials like dust or sand (0-6) 6 is most protected
  • Second number indicates protection from liquids-water (0-8) 8 is most protected
  • Third digit, if one is used is protection against mechanical impacts (0-6)  6 is most protected

You may see an X in the place of a number if the device is not rated for liquid or dirt, like IPX7. This means it is not rated for dust, but is for water.

When it comes to water the rating scale is IPX0 to IPX8. The o rating means zero protection from water, not even a teardrop and the 8 rating means max water protected, continual water submersion.

For a speaker to be totally waterproof and survive even the wettest of outdoor environments they should be a IPX7 that is water immersion for 30 min up to 1 meter.

The IPX6 rating is protection from a high pressure water stream from any angle

IPX5 rating is low pressure water stream from any angle

IPX4 rating is protection against splashing

If your speaker model has a water rating only you will see the rating as IPX5 and the X is a place holder for the dust rating. If the speaker had a rating of IP65 that would indicate a dustproof rating in addition to the water rating.

In some cases you may see a third digit and that is to show the rating for protection against mechanical impacts from 0-6 This would be the shockproof rating when discussing a speaker. Seeing the 6 would indicate the highest rating.

So you really want to see at least a IP65 rating, and for the most protection a IP67 rating to really be considered waterproof. Remember for waterproof we are looking at the second number, the first number is just an added dustproof rating, which is great sand protection for those examples, and sure if it has a 6 dust proof rating that is even better protection from the elements!

Waterproof Wireless Speakers for Outdoors

We like the Nuu line of outdoor wireless speakers, that is all they focus on is  outdoor models for all price ranges. They are simple, tough, rugged and surprisingly the effort is not just on being able to handle the elements, but great sound as well.


 Wake Waterproof, Sandproof Wireless Speaker

Nuu Wake Waterless wireless speakerWe like this speaker for the rich beautiful, powerful sound. It packs the power needed to pump the music through 2 speaker drivers, 2 sub woofers and a bass radiator. It has a stylish design, is solid at a 3lbs, but very portable. Comes in a gray or blue cover.

Features of The Wake Waterproof, Sandproof Wireless Speaker:

  • Waterproof-100% submersible up to 3′
  • Floats
  • Dust and sand protected IP57 Rating
  • Designed to tackle any adventure
  • Bluetooth
  • Exceptional Sound Performance 20W total power, plus DSP to improve Bass performance
  • Durable carrying handle
  • battery life 7 hours
  • USB charging port to recharge your devices
  • Aux In


waterproof wireless speaker



We also like the Nuu Splash Trail Edition with a strong IP57 rating





Braven BRV-1 Portable Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Braven waterproof wireless speakerBraven is also known for building quality outdoor speakers and this speaker is great for action sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The speaker has nice sound, pleasant for the price range it is in. The speaker has two 1.25 inch active drivers, powered each by a 3W amp, and a 3 inch passive radiator for added bass.

There are many features that make this waterproof speaker a good choice.

 Features of The Braven BRV-1:

  • can be submersed for 30 min, can withstand splashes, rain, it can endure tough environmemts  IPX7 rating
  • Bluetooth
  • take calls handsfree through built in microphone
  • can charge your mobile devices from built in powerbank
  • long lasting battery life 12 hours
  • control tracks and volume right from the speaker
  • comes with carrying strap
  • light at 12oz.


waterproof waterless speaker



Braven also has the Braven BRV-X another powerhouse, even bigger sound with a solid IPX7 rating.





ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

ECOXGEAR ECOXBT SplashThis little speaker just exudes an outdoor fun experience, it is stylish, has a great IPX7 rating, it floats, has a nice long battery life and nice sound. This is great for kids or active outdoors living.


Features of The ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

  • 100% waterproof / IPX7 rating, floats
  • Aux In
  • hands free speakerphone
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • stereo
  • 6 Watts of power
  • comes in three colors
  • comes with carabineer for easy travel
  • very nice sound quality
  • nice rugged design


waterproof wireless speakers waterproof wireless speakers



When shopping for waterproof wireless speakers if waterproof is what you are after vs water resistant be sure to look at the IP ratings and understand the differences. We gave some examples of speakers with a “waterproof” rating. There are many more waterproof models to choose from and be sure to click here to see more choices.





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