The VOXOOM Wireless Stereo Mini-Speaker Review

The VOXOOM Wireless Stereo Mini-SpeakerThe VOXOOM Wireless Stereo Minispeaker is being offered by Voxoa. They specialize in wireless audio headphones. They have entered and over delivered in a big way in the very crowded bluetooth wireless speaker market with the VOXOOM, a mini speaker that is the best speaker you have likely never heard of….YET! Read our Review and see why.

The VOXOOM Wireless Stereo Mini-Speaker Review




Portable or Bookshelf

This little speaker weighs only 12oz and is small enough to be put in a purse, lunchbox, or backpack. We say take it with you. This speaker can be enjoyed in any room in the house, nightstand, desk, or bookshelf as well. The VOXOOM is small, can blend in anyplace.


Power Source/Battery Life

The battery life is a solid 10+ hours. The unit can be charged using the Micro USB cable. The LED light in the lower left corner blinks Red when power is low


Wireless Standard: Bluetooth

aptX:  when you see aptX, think of CD like quality of the audio, ensuring the music being streamed is of a higher quality than normal bluetooth. It must also be in both receiver and transmitter though to be enjoyed fully.


This speaker can be connected to two devices at once.



On and off button on the rear of the speaker. The controls are on the top of the speaker and easy to use. The pause/play button is the center control, and also used to take and cancel calls. The black ring has the volume up/down and previous/next and a long press is fast forward/rewind. The LED light is on the lower left corner as you face the speaker.The VOXOOM Wireless Stereo Mini-Speaker Review



This speaker is unique in that you can be connected to two devices. Say you are listening to music from your ipad, and you can take a call from your connected phone. The conversation is very clear, no echo and simple to use. You simply press the pause/play button to take a phone call.


Ease of Set-Up

Very simple, I was listening to music in less than a minute from when I took the speaker out of the package.


Stereo Separation

Stereo separation is merely the separation of sounds through the right and left speaker. When listening to the music you may hear the drums through the right speaker and the guitar from the left, this separation mimics the spatial separation within the studio where the music was recorded. When listening to speakers this small the stereo separation is usually only heard when you are just a few inches away from the speaker. This speaker has a wider sound field and you can easily make out the stereo affect from even a few feet away. This was pleasing yet a bit surprising for a small mini-speaker.


Wireless Range

The wireless range is how close your connected device needs to be to the speaker to enjoy smooth music play without any drop offs. We had a good connection for up to 50′



This speaker is light at only 12 oz, yet it feels solid, easy to grip, grab and carry. This is an attractive speaker, clean lines, smooth, easy to wipe clean. The speaker has (2) 1 inch drivers and a 2.5 inch Passive Bass Radiator. Each driver has 2 watts of power. The speaker sits on 4 rubber legs that really adhere to any surface and that is to keep the speaker from dancing/sliding.The VOXOOM Wireless Stereo Mini-Speaker Review


Sound Quality

Frankly we have not been impressed with most mini bluetooth wireless speakers and was expecting more of the same. So to say we were completely amazed is an understatement.


Right away with each song the clarity and detail was very pleasing to the ear, and this was from all volume levels. The apt-X delivers crystal clear sound. We were playing all types of music, Big Band, Classical, Rock and Roll, and Country as we were thoroughly amazed. We especially liked the live tracks from Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd, as every detail was reproduced. We also listened to the beautiful harmonies of the Eagles, Everly Brothers and the Mama’s and The Papa’s and again was thrilled.


One of the amazing features of this speaker is that at full volume, it delivers loud, yet perfect music with no distortion, even with heavier Bass tracks. The Bass is also extremely solid, your table top will vibrate, and well speakers this little are not supposed to have much Bass, but the VOXOOM will rock you. This little treasure can fill a large room or backyard with beautiful music. We think this mini speaker can hold it’s own against many regular wireless bluetooth speakers.


To recap, full volume is pleasant, warm, detailed, no distortion. Bass is solid. The stereo separation is pleasing. A mini speaker just isn’t supposed to sound this beautiful.



H: 2.4″

W: 7.8″The VOXOOM Wireless Stereo Mini-Speaker Review

D: 1.9″

12 oz.


VOXOOM Features

apt-x: CD like Audio Quality

Long Battery Life: 10 plus hours

Clear Voice Technology: echo cancellation, background, clear voice and wind noise reduction while using the speakerphone

Portable: Small size and weight allows for easy grab and go

Distortion Free Music: YAMAHA Non-Clip AGC technology automatically controls distortion at all volume levels

Multiple Connect: Up to two devices can be connected to the VOXOOM at once

Big Beautiful Sound: You get big speaker sound, beautiful music from a mini-speaker



49″ Micro USB Cord

39″ 3.5 mm line in Cord

Quick Start Guide

The speaker will fit into the box that that it sits on. This is how it arrived.

The VOXOOM Wireless Stereo Mini-Speaker Review



price, portability, solid elegant design, fantastic big speaker sound quality, ease of use, long battery life



The only con worth mentioning and this only applies to folks with big fingers, the black control ring is small and you may hit the pause/play button while trying to adjust the volume or skipping tracks. This can be a minor nuisance.


VOXOOM Customer Reviews

We have never rated a speaker with so few ratings. We were so enamored with this speaker we had to do a review. We gave it a solid 5 star rating and we are sure more 5 stars are to follow.



This could be the best stocking stuffer this holiday season. This mini speaker is a steal at the current price. Mini Speakers have not typically sounded this great, VOXOOM has hit it out of the park with this new speaker, we can only hope they offer more models to the market place in the future. For a change, an affordable speaker with high quality, the VOXOOM Mini Speaker is just that!


The VOXOOM Wireless Stereo Mini-Speaker Review




In fact we are going to add the VOXOOM Wireless Stereo Mini-Speaker to our Top 10 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Under $100 list
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