Top 10 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Under $100

top 10 wireless speakers under $100These top 10 Bluetooth Wireless speakers all cost under $100 and have very good reviews. These are all portable speakers that can last for a long time, offer a wide variety of sound, have neat features, and the designs are varied, with some extra features that you may expect to only find in more expensive speakers, have some of the highest consumer ratings, and are great for kids, teens and adults too!

There are also some hidden gems with some current price reductions in some models. You can click the Amazon link for any speaker to quickly check  current pricing. We have listed the models from least to most expensive, yet all under $100, in fact most falling in the $25-50 range


10 Best Bluetooth Wireless Speakers 


Jam Classic

Jam Classic

This is touted as one of the best selling wireless speakers ever! We love the packaging, you get many colors to choose from and this speaker is great for kids.

4,612 Reviews    4.2 Average Rating

Key Features:

-Portability only weighs 9.6 oz.

-Variety of Colors: fun fruity colors, great packaging.

-Big Sound for a small speaker


Jam Classic

        Jam classic





JAM PlusJam Plus 

Same popular brand, but with some minor improvements, the speaker is a little bigger, and the neatest upgrade allows for you to pair a second Jam Plus for true wider stereo sound. This is a great speaker for kids, they love the packaging and the various color options.

786 Customer Reviews  4.3 Average Rating

Key Features:

-Portability only weighs 9 oz.

-Variety of Colors: fun fruity colors, great packaging.

-Big Sound for a small speaker

-Aux In if needed

– Can pair with another Jam Plus for stereo sound


Jam Plus






Oontz Angle OontZ Angle Ultra

Another top selling wireless speaker, this little gem has some nice features and a good sound to add to the value of this choice.

4,212 Customer Reviews  4.3 Average Rating

Key Features:

-long battery life at 12 hours

-hands free speakerphone


-comes in 9 different grill colors

-nice sound for such a small speaker

-portable at 9 0z.

Oontz Angle

Oontz Angle Ultra






Sound Block SoundBlock Ultra

This wireless speaker is a great value find! Currently selling for 64% below list price, and given the nice sound and added features, it is a great buy!

1,512 Customer Reviews  4.5 Average Rating

Key Features:

-Premium Sound, nice bass for an ultra model

-nice battery life at 10 hours

-Aux in if needed

-hands free speakerphone

-built in -low battery alert

-Bluetooth 3.0

-great price

SoundBlock Ultra






Jam XT Extreme Jam XT Extreme

Even more upgrades, this speaker is a little bigger, tougher made to endure the rugged outdoors, also longer battery life. This is a great speaker for a child who is active. The XT Extreme also enjoys the same very popular packaging with various color options.

357 Customer Reviews  4.5 Average Rating

Key Features:

-8 hours of battery life

-Rugged design, splash, dirt, and drop proof

-fold out carabiner for easy transport

-Aux In if needed

-multiple colors and great packaging with reusable jar and metal lid


-portable at 9 oz.

Jam EX







JBL Micro JBL Micro Wireless

This is a really nice sounding wireless speaker, likely one of the best as far as the speakers in the ultra or micro (small speaker) class. This speaker has surprisingly nice bass sound for such a small speaker. We also like the style and portability. There are several color options as well.

1,228 Customer Reviews  4.6 Average Rating

Key Features:

-built in Bass port for increased Bass

-up to 5 hours of battery life

-can connect other JBL Micro’s for added audio affect

-carrying handle


-various color options

JBL Micro







Eton Rugged Rukus All-Terrain

Eton Rugged Rukus

This speaker is just too unique to not be on this list. This speaker has good battery life, but the solar panels, yes you read it right, the solar panels can charge the battery and greatly extend the battery life. This speaker is for all terrain, all weather, and a good choice for when you might be away from a power source for a lengthy time. The sound quality is average, but we liked the design so much we felt it should be on our list.

457 Customer Reviews  4.3 Average Rating

Key Features:

-20 square inch solar panel for charging

-Aux in if needed

-battery life up to 8 hours

-battery power indicators

-rugged build for outdoor activities, splash proof

-can charge other devices like your cell phone

-2 inch drivers for nice sound, not a bass rich speaker


Eton Rugged Rukus

Eton Rugged Rukus








This is yet another great design for the outdoors. You really don’t have to worry about the weather getting the best of this speaker as it is built for for an active outing. This a great speaker for a camper, hiker or heck take it on the boat with you, it is totally waterproof, if it falls in the water it will float.

1,080 Customer Reviews  4.3 Average Rating

Key Features:

-anywhere wireless sound, take it anyplace

-portable at 1.5 lbs

-100% waterproof, shock and drop proof

-detachable carabineer for easy carrying


– 3 different color options

-nice sound for a small speaker










JBL Flip 2

JBL Flip 2

Once again JBL is on the list, and this speaker’s sound quality is markedly better than the previous 8 speakers on the list. Just helps to reinforce the point that the better engineered and better sounding wireless speakers are for now at or above the $100 range. The Flip 2 is a nice little speaker, and also notice the weight is a bit more as well, but no fear it is portable and comes with a nice carrying case.

469 Customer Reviews  4.5 Average Reviews

Key Features:

-6 hours of battery life

-Near Field Communication technology for easy pairing/Bluetooth


-comes in a variety of colors

-design is shockproof, rubberized for firm grip

-engineered for sound, bass port, 12 watts of total power, 2 drivers, loud

-Aux in if needed

JBL Flip 2

JBL Flip 2











We like this speaker, nice design, and it enjoys a warm, rich sound when playing. This speaker boasts 2 drivers, and a subwoofer and has an output of 10 watts of power. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for quality sound with this speaker in this price range.

218 Customer Reviews  4.4 Average Reviews

Key Features:

-Rich robust sound



-10 hour battery life

-nice design, comes in two colors

-Aux in if needed


Photive Soundscape 8




Building the Top 10 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Under $100 list


We thought providing our readers with a top 10 list would be very beneficial in cutting down your research time, as let’s face there are hundreds of models in this price range. So yes if you are looking for yourself or a child, let us help you make a good decision.

To build this list of the 10 best wireless speakers, a set of criteria were selected.The speakers on the list:

-Cost under $100

-Sound Quality/durability/toughness


-Have at least 150 online Reviews

-Have an average consumer rating of at least 4.2 out of 5

-Are readily available online

In this price range the sound quality can vary greatly among each model, and even though we place a high regard on sound quality, the definition of sound quality varies a bit especially when comparing $50 speakers to $99 speakers. We also feel strongly that if sound quality is your main focus, then you want to steer clear of the under $100 list and perhaps take a look at our 5 Best bluetooth wireless speaker list.

There are many features listed among the speakers on this list, and sometimes it can be a particular feature that can make the biggest difference in your choice vs sound quality.

So we have a wide range of speakers here, great for all ages and activity levels.

How was this list put together?

  1. we listen to many speakers
  2. we make a list of speakers under $100
  3. we then check the current price, number of reviews and look at the average consumer rating for each model
  4. we sort by consumer rating high to low to find the top 10
  5. we do also review the customer reviews, and we look at the owners manuals to look at features that enhance the customer listening experience.
  6. We do make adjustments in the order of the top 10 based on the added value that exists due to the additional features and sound quality the speaker exhibits.

The end goal of course is to weed through the details and give you a snapshot of some impressive wireless speakers, the top 10 bluetooth wireless speakers under $100 with great ratings so you can save some time and buy with confidence that you will get the best value for your money.

 **Bonus Pick**


VOXOOM Wireless Stereo Mini-Speaker


For the money, this speaker is likely one of the best speakers on the list. Let’s face it, finding  top quality sound, and good Bass is unheard of in a mini-speaker, or at least that is the general consensus right? Well not now, this little gem will truly surprise you as the music is big sounding, nice clarity, beautifully detailed music, and with nice rich Bass.

There are little to no reviews as this speaker is new, but it so blew us away we just had to add it to the list. ***BEST VALUE***

Key Features:

apt-x: CD like Audio Quality

Long Battery Life: 10 plus hours

Clear Voice Technology: echo cancellation, background, clear voice and wind noise reduction while using the speakerphone

Portable: Small size and weight allows for easy grab and go

Distortion Free Music: YAMAHA Non-Clip AGC technology automatically controls distortion at all volume levels

Multiple Connect: Up to two devices can be connected to the VOXOOM at once

Big Beautiful Sound: You get big speaker sound, beautiful music from a mini-speaker

Aux In: if needed

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