Ten Reasons To Purchase A Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Ten Reasons To Purchase A Portable Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerA portable bluetooth wireless speaker is first and foremost a small speaker. When we say small it could weigh 8-9 oz up to 3-4 lbs. It can also be one little speaker or perhaps have two, and in some cases up to five speakers in the overall speaker design.

The speakers are powered by a battery and the battery life varies with each model. Most start at 4 hours and every where in between up to a whopping 40 hours.

Each speaker receives the music via bluetooth through the air, that is why we call them wireless speakers. The music can come from a variety of sources such as your cell phone, tablet, computer….basically any device that has bluetooth. Bluetooth also can vary and in some cases affect the quality of the music, but for most folks bluetooth is acceptable as is.

The above is the most basic definition of a portable bluetooth wireless speaker, but keep in mind that there is a wide price range from $20 to $300 and even some more than that. There are many, features, designs, colors and sound quality differences among the hundreds of speakers available for purchase.

 Reasons To Purchase A Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

ten reasons to purchase a portable bluetooth wireless speaker 1. Portable: You can take your music with you wherever you go! There are speakers you can shower with, camp with, ride a bicycle with, do the dishes with, etc    Think about it, if your music source is your cell phone or tablet you may have 800-1000 songs at your fingertips…..to be enjoyed anyplace, anytime!

 2. Social Sharing: we like to share our our music so these are great for family get togethers, small parties, tailgating, etc. There are some speakers that allow more than one source to pair with them, or some that have apps that can allow users to share their music to create a playlist for the party or gathering.

 3. Lifestyle Choices: These speakers are designed for whatever you have in mind. They can sit on the kitchen counter, construction job, boating, camp life, some are built very rugged and tough, water proof, dirt proof, and drop proof. Some are elegant, stylish and you may want to keep them on your desk….the choice is yours, but they are portable!

skullcandy air raid wireless speaker 4. Sound Quality: As mentioned you can have just one speaker, many folks are happy with that, or you can have a 2.1 sound system that really rocks the house. Yes some of these have a right and left channel speaker, plus a subwoofer with passive bass radiators for tremendous, fantastic beautiful sounding music, and you can find some good buys in the $100 range and up if quality is what you are after.

 5. Design Choices: There are so many different styles, colors, and shapes, you can definitely find something that will suit your taste. There is one company with so many color options you could get your school colors or favorite sports team colors.

  6. Space: We have never been able to have so many songs at our finger tips before. We can play the music stored on our devices, plus in some instances we can stream music through our phones and can share music lists for free such as the case with spottily. Gone are the old days when we had to bring along our CD’s Some speakers also use microSD cards so you don’t even have to use your cell phones or other device.

7. Freedom: The battery life on some models is so long you could use your speaker all weekend. Many of the speakers will allow you to charge your device as the battery in them will last much longer than the battery in your device.Pyle Soundbox Water Resistant

8. Extras: Many of these speakers enjoy other features, like speakerphone capabilities, can use the microSD cards, solar power, sound features, sirens, music sharing features, used as power source for devices, Aux In capabilities if needed. Some are fairly simple and just built for great sound.   Fugoo Tough Cover

9. Music/Sound Enhancement: Huge improvement over the sound that comes from your device, cell phone or tablet. So in many cases if you have a nice speaker you can use it to enhance the movie you might be watching on your tablet, or the game you may be playing. 

10. Make exceptional gifts: There is a portable bluetooth wireless speaker that is perfect for just about everyone, all ages, all levels of music quality to suit the fussy yet serious music lovers out there, all kinds of styles, designs, colors, and shapes. Oh and all different price ranges as well.

So now after seeing this list of ten reasons to purchase a portable bluetooth wireless speaker you can understand why they are so popular. The technology keeps improving and they keep getting better. The sound quality from such a small speaker with many of these models is truly wondrous. So yeah go get yours today or if you are not sure of the perfect gift for someone, well now you know, get them a portable bluetooth wireless speaker.

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