Why is there a speakerphone in my wireless speaker?


why is there a speakerphone in my wireless speakerWhy is there a speakerphone in my wireless speaker? We hear that question often and sure we see the brilliant new technologies, many neat features, and hear beautiful breathtaking music with our wireless speakers, but really….. a speakerphone?…..why?

These are just our best guesses.

Many folks now work from home and instead of having to meet in the office, they meet occasionally through a conference call, from the comfort of anywhere but the office. If you have tried using your speakerphone feature on your phone or cell phone, you know it can be hard to hear over kids or a TV playing in the background, plus you don’t have the same features on your home phone as a speakerphone would have.

So if you happened to have a wireless speaker with a speakerphone feature, you could have an office quality hands free connection to get through your call. These are usually very portable, so you can take it with you.

You could also use it for video chats using FaceTime or Skype. You will enjoy much better sound quality and hands free is a neat option.

Wireless speakers are popular due to the fact you are now better able to share music, whether it be a remote spot or a beach party with friends, and now each person can share their music by connecting to the speaker. Well with the built in speakerphone you can share conversations as well, the quality of the sound is so much better than a regular phone.

If you priced an office quality speakerphone you would see that they are quite expensive, but at the end of the day it is still just a fancy expensive phone. If they purchased a wireless speaker with a speakerphone feature, they might get more for their money, a stylish speaker that could be used for music daily or during the office party and for a phone during conference calls.

**note** the way kids text all day and night, personally we would rather they start talking again, and maybe the speakerphone feature in wireless speakers can do it!

When your not using your speakerphone, you then have a wireless speaker that likely has:

Huge musical sound

Completely wireless thanks to the built in battery

Portable design

Can stream wireless digital media from your Bluetooth device to the speaker

Now for us, we just want beautiful sounding music and would rather have our dollars spent on speaker technology vs speakerphone technology in our wireless speaker, but for the technology geek or trendy work at anyplace but work crowd, the wireless speaker could be the perfect feature.

These are just our observations, and hey if you can add to the conversation please leave a comment below. Thanks





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