Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker Review

Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth Review

Yet another brilliantly designed wireless speaker from the sound of wireless music maestros at Sony – welcome to the Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth.

This wonderful wireless speaker from Sony lives up to the reputation that we have of Sony and high quality audio systems. The Sony XB20 is guaranteed to liven up any party.  You can go anywhere with the Sony XB20 portable Bluetooth speaker, with up to 12 hours of built in battery life.   The Sony XB20 comes with extra deep bass and stylish features that are sure to impress.

Play music indoors or outside

With the Sony XB20, you can take your speaker and your music anywhere you want to go.  Sony now make their portable speaker with a water resistant covering, which means you can take the XB20 to the beach or to a pool party.  And you never have to worry about a bit of water damaging the internals of the wireless speaker, because the Sony XB20 can handle it with no worries.

The Sony XB20 is all about connectivity

In a brilliant innovation, the Sony XB20 can synchronize with other wireless speakers for a truly incredible sound experience.  And we are not just talking about stereo here, we are talking about much more volume than that!  The incredible Sony XB20 has the ability to synchronize with up to 10 other wireless speakers, so you can really take over the whole show!  This is awesome for playing music at home, when you can have wonderful streaming music right around the house.  Even better for when you go to a party with like minded friends!  Just imagine if your friends have a Sony XB20, then you can synchronize all the speakers up to the same streaming music for an incredible party experience!

Features of the Sonya XB20 portable wireless speaker

  • Sony XB20 – all about the BASS!
  • Can be connected to another speaker for true stereo experience
  • Can be synchronized with 10 speakers for truly awesome sound projection
  • Connectivity provided with Bluetooth and NFC, plus LDAC
  • Connect with one touch control
  • Connect to smartphone or mobile device to stream high quality music
  • Water resistant for outdoors fun
  • High quality audio for indoor enjoyment

Additional Features of the Sony XB20

The Sony XB20 measures a very compact 231 mm long x 100 mm by 155 mm.  Weighing in at just over 1.5 pounds, there is really not much of an impact with this device.  It can fit neatly on the shelf, or it can be tucked away in a bag to take with you wherever the party is.

Sony XB20 for extra bass

If you love a little extra depth to your sound quality, then you can’t go past the Sony XB20 portable wireless speaker.  The Sony XB20 has been cleverly designed with dual passive radiators, which act together for booming bass.  These are paired with a dual stereo full range speakers which operate across the full sound spectrum.  In actual fact, there is a seamless transition across the full range of sounds with a little extra enhancement at the bass end.  This not only adds depth to the music, but provides that low end response right where you need it, and boosts the bass way beyond what you expect from such a small stereo system.

Sony XB20 for extra clarity

Sony have also provided extra clarity and quality to the music.  Unique to Sony audio speakers is the automatic ClearAudio+ optimisation system.  Using all of the Sony innovation and powers of digital processing, Sony has developed a method of auto adjusting the sound settings, so that you don’t have to!  When you use a Sony XB20 wireless speaker, you always choose the optimal settings for every music track, courtesy of the enriched listening experience provided by Sony.  Sony really are the experts when it comes to the sound of wireless music!  The XB20 performs very well when it comes to acoustic music.  Not all wireless speakers can handle acoustic music, but you can recognize the flat and unrealistic sound when they get it wrong.  No such problems with the Sony XB20 portable wireless speaker, as it is optimized across the complete and clear audio range.

The Sony XB20 adds a splash of color

Available in a range of colors from red, white, blue and of course in stately black, you can choose to make a statement.  Or not.   The Sony XB20 can make whatever statement you choose, whether you want to stand out from the crowd, or if you just want to blend in with a more conservative approach.

Sony XB20 is the life of the party

Now this is what we have been waiting for!  With 12 hours of battery time, you can go all day (or all night if you prefer) and never run out of tune.  Synchronise the XB20 with the rest of the party, and you can have up to 10 speakers blasting out to liven up any party.  You will be blown away even if you only have 2 of these superb speakers, because that is an excellent way to improve the stereo performance.

What we like about the Sony XB20 portable wireless speaker

Sony XB20 portable wireless speaker review

The Sony XB20 has a lot of positive aspects and there is a lot of reasons to go with this wonderful wireless speaker.  At just under $80 it is less expensive than other comparable speakers, but offers many innovative speakers to improve the sound quality.  And that is why we love to go with Sony as the best choice for wireless speakers because they make better sound!


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