Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker Review

Why Choose to Buy a Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker?

Sony has a wide range of brilliant wireless speakers on the market.  They vary in size, price and performance.  But all Sony wireless speakers have one thing in common – they make a lot of noise!

Here at the Sound of Wireless Music, we just love to talk about the latest wireless speaker from Sony, and today we will talk about the Sony XB10 Bluetooth Wireless speaker.  The other thing that we have noticed about the range of Sony Bluetooth wireless speakers is that are very small – and noisy!  And the Sony XB10 is no exception, because the first thing that you notice about the Sony XB10 is that it is very small – and noisy!


Is the Sony XB10 a sphere or a cube?

The XB10 wireless speaker is shaped something like a cube with rounded edges, or s sphere with flattened sides – I am not sure what to call it!  But no matter which way you look at it, the Sony XB10 makes a lot of noise from such a small package!  In terms of size, it is very compact and convenient for easy pack and play.  Simply pop it in a bag, handbag, or even a back pack and you are ready to go.  In terms of volume, the diminutive Sony XB10 delivers extremely powerful and quality audio.  It can deliver a surprising volume whilst maintaining high quality audio and distortion free.


The Sony XB10 – with built in fun

The best thing about the Sony XB10 wireless speaker is that Sony have had a bit of fun with this design.  In fact, we think the Sony XB10 wireless speaker comes with built in fun.  The XB10 is certainly made to pick up and take with you.  Perfect for a pool party, or the beach, or taking to a party the XB10 has no limits.  The Sony XB10 is a water resistant wireless speaker, so it can liven up a pool party, or a picnic, or anywhere indoors and outdoors.  A little bit of splashing or the odd drop of rain will not bother the Sony XB10, so don’t let it bother you either.  Life was meant to be fun!


The Sony XB10 was built to stay connected

The Sony XB10 wireless speaker has excellent connectivity with Bluetooth as well as NFC.  The choice is yours, but whichever way you choose to connect your XB10, it is as simple as one touch, and you are ready to go.  Simply connect your clever Sony XB10 with Bluetooth or NFC and you can stream music easily from your phone or from any storage or streaming device.  With NFC streaming, it takes one simple touch of your phone app, and the music starts up automatically!  Same for Bluetooth wireless streaming – so simple and so effective.


Additional features of the Sony XB10 wireless speaker:

Sony XB10 wireless speaker

  • Powerful bass
  • One touch streaming music
  • Simple connectivity
  • Choice of Bluetooth and NFC
  • Water resistant wireless speaker
  • Ultra small and lightweight
  • Portability to go wherever the party is
  • Play music indoors or outside
  • 16 hours of battery life
  • Add additional speaker for stereo sound


Additional Features:

The Sony XB10 comes with a built in lithium rechargeable battery as well as a plug in recharger and cable.  The good news is that Sony has made the XB10 with a longer battery life, which provides up to 16 hours of rechargeable fun.  The Sony XB10 wireless speaker can play music all day without needing a recharge.


Dimensions of the Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker:

As we discussed earlier, the Sony XB10 is roughly cubic, or roughly spherical, depending on how you look at it.  Regardless of geometry, the Sony XB10 measures 3.4 in x 3.4 in by 4.2 in high.  But the real hype about the Sony XB10 is all about the volume, and all about that bass!  You will be blown away by the volume from this little Sony XB10 wireless speaker.


Sony XB10 small on size, big on sound

Amazingly for such a small speaker, the Sony XB10 has incredible bass!  Sony have designed additional bass into this small package using a passive radiator speaker.  The built in bass comes from an enhanced low end response from the internal radiator, and this is the additional boost that we hear as incredibly deep bass.  Perhaps the only drawback is the fact that it cannot produce stereo sound from such a small wireless speaker.  But we have a way to overcome that setback – simply buy a second Sony XB10, and pair them together.  Instant solution to the stereo problem!  If there is anything that sounds better than a SonyXB10 wireless speaker, it is two XB10 speakers!


Price of the Sony XB10Sony XB10 Bluetooth wireless speaker

You will also be blown away by the price of the Sony XB10, which is great value at under $40.


Sony XB10 Wireless Speaker Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are always important when it comes to making a decision to buy the Sony XB10.  And customer just love the XB10!  They love the features that are packed into this incredible little speaker, such as connectivity, battery life, and the enormous volume.  Most people comment on the ability to hook up with an additional Sony XB10 for double the volume – everyone loves the volume!


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