Sony SRSXB3 Portable Wireless Speaker Review

Welcome to the Sony SRS XB3 Bluetooth Speaker

Sony have thrown out the playbook, changed the playlist, and re-written the specifications for fun little wireless speakers, and the result is the Sony SRS XB3.Sony SRS xb3 portable bluetooth speaker

What’s New with

the Sony SRS XB3?

For a start, Sony has created a truly fun device that might look like a toy, but is a serious speaker system.  The SRS XB3 has been designed with extra deep bass, which complements its mid range sound, and incredible volume output.  Better still, this model has been designed in a slash proof exterior, so you never need to fear the weather or the pool party that gets a bit out of control.  The Sony SRS XB3 is built for a party mentality, and is designed to make you the life and soul of the party.

Just to highlight this point even farther, the SRS XB3 has been designed with a whole new battery system, which means you can unplug this speaker and take it with you wherever you choose to go.  The SRS XB3 can stay offline for 24 hours before you need to re-charge it, and this is revolutionary as far as wireless speaker technology goes.

Sony SRS xb3 portable bluetooth speakerThe future of wireless sound with

the Sony SRS XB3 Bluetooth speaker

Even better, Sony has provided extra bluetooth connectivity features which are really handy!  You can now connect two SRS XB3 speakers together, and if you thought one unit was loud, when you put two together, you can be loud and stereo surround!  This is a brilliant feature that allows you to hook up with your friend’s speaker at a party to really get the party rocking, or you can choose to buy a second unit for yourself and keep the whole house or apartment wirelessly in tune.

Just imagine the future of absolute room filling stereo sound, all wireless, so no cabling required, no amplifiers anywhere to be seen, and you can even nominate one of the speakers as left hand and the other for the right hand side, which makes the most incredible stereo effect.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The beauty of the Sony SRSXB3 bluetooth speaker is that all your music is streamed directly from your mobile device, or even your fixed device such as CD player or desktop computer.  This speaker can use either NFC or Bluetooth connections, so no matter what system you already have, this speaker will connect with no problems, and you can start streaming your music almost straight away.


Easy to connect – Easy to Use

There are no technology issues with connecting to this speaker system, and Sony has taken care of everything.  It is a simple one touch control to connect to you mobile device or standalone system, and you are ready to go.


Pick it up and off you go

When we say ready to go, that is literally what we mean – you can simply pick up the SRS XB3 Bluetooth speaker and take it with you wherever you want to go.  This excellent portable wireless speaker is compact in size, so it is extremely portable, but it is also extremely stylish, so you will want to impress your friends, and be the life of the party.  Great for indoors and outdoors, there are no worries about taking this speaker anywhere you choose to go, it can handle the weather, or the pool, or the beach, or driving in the car!  The best part is that is looks fantastic and sounds even better!  Sony has designed this latest model SRS XB3 to impress, and it will not let you down!

Design of the Sony SRS XB3 Bluetooth Speaker

The Sony SRS XB3 has been redesigned to suit your lifestyle, with great new colors, and such an appealing and compact design.  The selection buttons are easy to see and you can simply select whichever function you like.  The SRS XB3 Bluetooth speaker should be pointed directly into the room or wherever you want the music to play.  And don’t forget that extra bass option, which always makes the sound quality just so much better for all your favorite tracks.

The Sony SRS XB3 is very similar in size and shape to the SRS X3, and it has retained the rectangular shaped and dimensions.   It still has the same neat shape so it always suits the decor of whatever room you want to put it in.

At more than 1 kilogram in weight, the Sony SRS-XB3 is not the lightest Bluetooth speaker on the market, but you get what you pay for, and the excellent sound quality is what you will be most impressed with.

Sony SRS XB3 Product Specifications

This model speaker measures 25 cm long by 20 cm high by 12.5 cm wide, and weighs in at 2.6 pounds, which is just a little over 1 kilogram.

What is a really nice addition to the range of the SRS XB3 model is that you can choose between black (featured) blue or red which means you can go for understated elegance to match your décor, or you can be a little more daring and flaunt your assets.  After all, if you want to be the life of the party, you don’t mind being a bit our there, right?
Sony SRS xb3 portable bluetooth speaker
Sony SRS xb3 portable bluetooth speaker is the best wireless speaker

Price and Summary

The Sony SRS XB3 wireless bluetooth speaker is priced just under $100, which is excellent value for money for the sound volume and clarity from such a small speaker.  With the latest innovations that Sony have introduced into this model, you are definitely buying the most up to date model, and all the best features available.  If you have a little extra to spend – click here to check out the Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS HG1 at Amazon, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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