Sony SRSX7 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Sony SRSX7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Wi-Fi Speaker System


Sony is renowned for their excellent range of SRS x7 Bluetooth speakers, and the Sony SRS X7 is the best of the bunch!  This fantastic portable speaker offers Bluetooth connectivity fantastic sound quality, and is completely wireless.  All of the Sony wireless speakers offer excellent sound quality and superb features, but the Sony SRS X7 is the top end of the range and provides performance that is an absolute market leader.  This little wireless speaker will still surprise you in terms of sound output, and it will also impress in terms of its great value for money.  The Sony SRS X7 wireless speaker is priced at around $200, but for that amount of money, you are buying a serious amount of Sony sound quality.

This is the mighty Sony SRS X7

Most of my friends were telling to buy a Bose sound system until I tested a Sony SRS X7 for myself.  I could not believe it – the Sony SRS X7 was clearly the leader of all the models in the shop!  Side by side with all of the other brands, both the Sony SRS X55 and SRS X7 clearly stood out from the pack in terms of both clarity and audio power.  The sound quality from these small and portable speakers is simply incredible.  Maybe you could argue that the Bose models have a higher peak volume, so if that is your thing, then maybe there is some room to argue otherwise, but for me, the Sony SRS X7 is the winner in all others factors.

If you simply can’t afford the price tag of the SRS X7, then you could settle for the SRS X5 instead (Click here), as both of these models seem to excel as great all rounders in terms of sound quality and audio clarity.


Sony SRS X7 – design and dimensions

This superb wireless speaker comes in black, so you don’t have any choice as to what you like to match your décor.  Nevertheless, black is the best for universal color matching, and the SRS X7 will be a very smart addition to any room.  In fact, if you want it to stand out as a feature then it will, or if you want to be a bit understated, then it will suit you also.

The Sony SRSX7 is a rectangular sound bar that is 300 mm long, by 130 mm high, by 60 wide, which makes it an extremely compact device that can catch you completely unawares when you hear it play.  It pumps out 32 Watts of audio power, complete with a built in sub woofer and stereo passive radiating speakers to give that true richness of sound.

Sony SRS X7 Bluetooth ConnectivitySony SRS-X7 Bluetooth wireless speaker review

The SRSX7 Bluetooth Speaker is built for WiFi audio streaming, which lets you download and play all of your favorites on automatic, or you can just as easily pair this Bluetooth speaker system to your mobile device.   The Sony SRS X7 is totally flexible, whether you prefer to connect to your digital music player, CD player, tablet device, smart phone, or even your computer, Sony lets you connect however you want to, as easily and simply at the touch of a button.  No trouble at all, the instructions are easy to follow, and in most cases, only one or two buttons to complete.


Product Specifications – Sony SRS X7

  • Sony stereo sound with 32 Watts of power
  • Built in sub woofer with separate stereo speaker system
  • Bluetooth music streaming
  • Wi-Fi audio streaming
  • Convenient buttons for easy control
  • Deep audio clarity listening technology
  • Portable so that can take your music with you on the go!
  • 6 hours battery life (more if you use it wisely)
  • USB recharging port

Sony SRS X7 – simply outstanding clarity and volumeSony SRS-X7 Bluetooth wireless speaker review

The Sony SRS X7 will astound you when you first turn it up as it pumps out excellent quality sound up to 90 decibels and beyond.  But it is not all about volume, as this little sound block churns out a rich mixture of bass, mid range and treble that will keep you enthralled whether you like rock, punk, classical or orchestra.

I really didn’t think that it could keep up with the larger 2 channel speaker system, but I compared it with some much larger systems, and I was very pleasantly surprised.   It certainly does give great all round audio performance.  Of course if you max it our then the distortion ruins it but seriously, you won’t need to go to maximum volume to get great performance.

So this is a real winner amongst the portable Bluetooth wireless speakers because the Sony SRSX7 gives a nice balance between price and performance.   For such a small package which is portable and convenient, there is no compromise in terms of sound quality.  At this price, the Sony SRS-X7 is the perfect combination of cost and quality.



The Sony SRSX7 speaker system is totally wireless and will run off batteries for 6 hours, which is enough time to take it with you to work each day, or wherever you choose.  It has a built in battery life indicator light, which lets you know in heaps of time before the battery starts to run low.  But if you economize while you are listening, or keep the volume to a sensible level, you should have no trouble extending the battery life beyond this limit, and of course when you get home, you can simply put it back on charge with no interruption to your favorite song!


Sony SRS X7 in Summary

The Sony SRS X7 is what you have been waiting for.  If you love to listen to your favorite music all around the house, then the SRSX7 has the power to please.  Absolutely wireless, this little sound block offers you the flexibility you have always been waiting for.  You will be amazed at the depth of the bass in a system so small, and you will also be impressed with the all round sound richness and stereo feel, even though it is coming from such a small device.  Sony has absolutely nailed this one with their incredible sound technology and the SRS X7 provides you with an unparalleled level of vibrancy, clarity and sheer listening pleasure. Protection Status


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