Sony SRSHG1 Wireless Speaker Review

New Sony SRSHG1 Wireless Speaker

Sony SRSHG1 Wireless Speaker ReviewIf you are a fan of the latest Sony technology, then we have a lot to talk about!  The wonderful new Sony SRSHG1 Hi-Res wireless speaker is sure to impress.  With a sleek design and minimalist features, there is a lot to like about the way Sony make a lot of noise , with a minimum of fuss.  When you think about it, Sony seem to have a philosophy that the SRSHG1 wireless speaker should be heard and not seen!  In many ways, this is opposite of the way most speakers have been designed. But with Sony, the emphasis is on sound quality, and appearance comes second.

Sound quality is the priority

We agree with Sony 100% on that note!  When it comes time to buy the best wireless speaker, there is nothing else that matters other than the audio quality.  We don’t fancy buttons and flashing lights, we just want beautiful music, with a wide range of responsiveness so that we can whatever music we like whenever we want to.  If you like loud music, then the Sony SRSHG1 is ready to go.  With a surprising quality bass, and an excellent mid range sound, the SRSHG1 is going to surprise a lot of people!  This is because Sony have integrated their superb passive bass radiator with the active full range speakers.  This provides a responsive combination that integrates flawlessly across the full sound spectrum, with that low down power just the way we like it!  In fact, Sony have a unique touch when it comes to providing superb bass from such small speakers, and the Sony SRSHG1 is no exception.

Sony SRSHG1 – minimalist design

Sony SRSHG1 Wireless Speaker Review
At the same time as we admire the minimalist design of the Sony SRSHG1, is it also simple to use.  All the control features are managed through a very simple app, which does everything from one device.  Simply download SongPal for simple control over all your stored or streaming music preferences.  Use the app for access to all your music, with multi room, high quality streaming direct from your phone, computer or mobile device.   SongPal is the best way to control everything from sound settings to balancing the audio and even managing the settings in different rooms.

Sony SRSHG1 Hi Res speaker

Sony SRSHG1 Wireless Speaker Review
For the full musical experience, the Sony SRSHG1 does not miss a beat.  With high resolution streaming via Bluetooth, there is nothing left out.  Within the typical Bluetooth range, you get nothing but high fidelity sound and deep bass wherever you like to hear it.  Give your music the quality it deserves and don’t miss out on a thing!  We know you deserve better – you deserve the Sony SRSHG1 Hi Res wireless speaker!

Get connected with the Sony SRSHG1 wireless speaker

Sony SRSHG1 Wireless Speaker
Connect and stream all your favourite music with the Sony SRSHG1 Bluetooth speaker.  With the Sony SRSHG1 you can also use NFC for high quality connectivity, the choice is yours!  Even better, if you love that resounding stereo feel, then all you need is a second Sony SRSHG1 and they can be synchronized together in stereo.  Once again, the connectivity of the Sony SRSHG1 is as simple as a touch of the button.

The Sony SRSHG1  is very small and very loud

Because it is such a compact portable speaker, the Sony SRSHG1 is easily stored in your bag or back pack and you can take it with you every day.  With up to 12 hours battery life, it will play all day, and still have enough charge left when you get home.

Features of the Sony SRSHG1:Sony SRSHG1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

  • Dimensions:  260 mm x 107 mm x 137 mm
  • Item Weight:  2.3 pounds
  • Batteries:  Lithium ion Battery
  • Battery Life: 12 hours

Conclusion – The Sony SRSHG1 Hi Res wireless speaker

If you are already a believer in all things Sony, then you won’t need much persuading to upgrade your life with the wonderful Sony SRSHG1 wireless speaker.

If you are a believer that all music should be played at the best high resolution, with deep bass and full resolution, then you will definitely be impressed with the Sony SRSHG1 wireless speaker.Sony SRSHG1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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