Sony SRS-ZR5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Sony SRS ZR5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker ReviewWhen you love a stylish and beautiful home, why not fill it with stylish and beautiful sound?  Well now you can, with the Sony SRS-ZR5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

Now you can design your musical style into any room in the house, or every room in the house!  With the Sony SRS-ZR5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, you can experience the wondrous sound of wireless music anywhere throughout the whole house.  Even better, the Sony SRS-ZR5 comes in a beautiful compact design that will look great as well as sound great.


Sony SRS-ZR5 – lots of streaming options

But the real magic behind the Sony SRS Bluetooth speaker is the easy streaming options, which let you choose between Bluetooth, WiFi and even Google Cast.  When you buy the Sony SRS-ZR5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, you instantly have this incredible technology at your fingertips.  And it is so easy to use, simply push the button and select from the available options, including any Bluetooth device within range, WiFi enabled devices, and even Google Cast.

Enjoy music throughout your home with Sony SRS-ZR5

Do you enjoy your music?  Do you hate it when you want to leave the room, and miss your favourite track?  Well, when you buy the Sony SRS-ZR5, you can make the music work for you!  Let the music follow you anywhere around the house.  Let the power of Sony do the magic for you!

Here’s how it works!

Sony has released the brilliant innovation of multi room music via their app, SongPal.  When you download this app, you can link several wireless speakers, including your computer soundbar, your television bass, as well as your Sony wireless speakers.  Simply stream your choice of music from your phone, computer or tablet from anywhere in the house.  Then let the magic of multi-room listening will take over your whole house!


How about surround sound?Sony SRSZR5 wireless speaker review

If you like to watch movies in full stereo surround sound, then why not but a pair of Sony SRS-ZR5 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers, and connect them together?  Yes, with the powers of Sony connectivity, that is a simple step, and provides a simply awesome stereo experience.  Why no go one step further, and connect the Sony SRS-ZR5 to a compatible Sonya sound bar such as on your computer or television?  Simply set and forget.  The speaker connectivity will remain in place so that you can enjoy all your favourite movies in superb surround sound for that awesome movie experience!


Access and play music through SongPal

To make your life easier, Sony have made the hardware as well as the software.  With the Sony SRS-ZR5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, not only do you get the most incredible audio quality, but it is so simple to play!  Simply download the SongPal app onto your phone, or computer or tablet device, and manage all of your music through one simple tool.  You can download all the tracks that you know and love, you can select which wireless speakers to connect to, and you can select which tracks to stream at the touch of the app button.


Manage your audio life through one simple app

Let Sony and SongPal do all the hard work, while you control the tempo of your life.  When you use the SongPal app, you can preselect everything that you need so that you can sit back and relax.  Or you can jump up and move around, because you are no longer bound to the remote, or the stereo player.  Now you can do whatever you like anywhere in the house, and never miss a beat!  You can use the SongPal app to manage volume controls, audio balance, customize the settings for each room, and of course, enjoy seamless integration of compatible speakers throughout the whole house!

How about Google Cast?

This has been a long awaited inclusion for Sony wireless speakers, and Google Cast allows similar connectivity options.  Google Cast provides the capability to stream music using the Chrome browser to your phone, tablet or computer.  Similar to a Bluetooth wireless connection, Google Cast is yet another excellent option to enjoy your favourite music from anywhere at any time.


Sony SRS-ZR5 Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerSony SRSZR5 wireless speaker review

Don’t be fooled by the understated elegance of the Sony SRS-ZR5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.  As always, it is what lies beneath that is important.  Make no mistake, the Sony SRS-ZR5 is not a toy!  Be the envy of all your friends, the SRS-ZR5 is capable of producing simply amazing music that leaves the others behind.

Sony have not forgotten anything with the SRS-ZR5, and you get all of the finest audio quality contained within this neat little package.  Weighing a very meagre 2.5 pounds, the SRS-ZR5 pumps out an amazing volume.  Coming in at around the $200 mark, this is not a low end of the market speaker.  If you want a speaker to take to the gym, then buy another outdoors option like the JBL Splash.  But reserve the Sony SRS-ZR5 for those special moments, when nothing else will do!


Sony SRS-ZR5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Advantages of the Sony SRS-ZR5:

  • Choose Sony for the very best audio quality
  • Sony SRS-ZR5 is Bluetooth, WiFi and Google Cast compatible
  • Bluetooth Wireless connection through the phone, computer or tablet
  • Control your whole house through the SongPal app
  • Simple excellent audio quality and clarity

Where can I buy the Sony SRS-ZR5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

When you buy the Sony SRS-ZR5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, you can experience amazing sound throughout your whole house.  The Sony SRS-ZR5 is a superior Bluetooth wireless speaker which comes in a beautiful, compact design that will look and sound superb anywhere in the house.


The Sony SRS-ZR5 is designed to deliver – click here to buy the Sony SRS-ZR5 at Amazon! Protection Status


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