Sony SRS-XB2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Sony SRS-XB2 personal audio system

There is no other way to describe this, as a terrific Wireless Bluetooth speaker, and as Sony themselves have labelled as a personal audio system.   Not only does this little speaker look great, but the sound quality is terrific.   The sound output belies the size of this little speaker, and just in case you like a little extra oomph in your music, all you have to do is hit the Bass button for that added depth of sound.  Along with the modern styling, choice of colors and compressed size, the SRS-XB2 is a nifty compact unit that is sure to impress all your friends.


Sony SRS-XB2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

For its size and weight the sound is spectacular!

Make no mistake, for such a small speaker unit, the Sony SRS-XB2 pumps out some incredible sound quality, both in terms of volume and fidelity.  At first, it can seem as though it is a little light and tinny, but when that happens, you can simply go for the extra bass, and you will be instantly impressed.  Better still, take note of the surface you place the speaker on, as a soft or flexible sub-surface can dampen the sound and reduce the overall effect.  The best surface is a hard or solid bench, will increase the sound effects from the internal speakers.

Some people try to orientate the speaker for different surfaces, such as lying down on a wooden surface tends to amplify the bass, or upright on a solid bench seems to bring out the mid-range sounds, but overall, this little speaker system is a great performer, as long as the surface is reasonably solid.

What’s new about the Sony SRS-XB2?best wireless speaker

Among some other innovations with the latest model SRS-XB2 is that you can fully control the speaker system either through the control buttons on the device, or through your mobile device, such as iPhone or iPod.  But without doubt, one of the biggest winners is the capability to double up on speaker sets, by connecting two speakers at the same time, the music output is simply stunning.

The volume cranks up obviously, but you will be stunned by the awesome stereo effects when using in dual speaker mode, and you can hook up your own speaker with a friend’s speaker (if the same model) or I highly recommend that you buy a second speaker for yourself.  At less than $100 each, you will not be let down if you choose to buy 2 of these little beauties, and play them in dual mode all the time!

And one more thing – the battery life has increased to an incredible 12 hours duration, so you can party all day, and never have to be worried about running out of juice.


Sony makes excellent quality speakers

That is correct, Sony has a reputation for making the finest wireless speakers, and the Sony SRS-XB2 is no exception!   This high quality speaker is fully wireless and offers both NFC and Bluetooth connectivity options.  Although it is not the smallest or lightest mini speaker on the market, it does offer very high audio quality, and that is what it is all about right?


Price AND Qualitybest wireless speaker

For a very realistic price at around $100, your friends will not believe that you can buy such an effective little speaker for under $100.   The Sony SRS-XB2 is not a toy, and provides some very serious sound quality that will amaze and astound anyone who hears the quality of the audio produced from such a small device.


Sony SRS-XB2 – choose you favorite color

The SRSXB2 Bluetooth speaker comes in black, red or blue which means you can choose whatever color you like to match your surroundings.  These colors will certainly suit any décor,  and you can choose to make it fit in with your life, or you can choose to stand our from the crowd!

Sony SRS-XB2 – excellent audio

You run this little wireless speaker on battery or on mains power, and it pumps out fantastic quality sound up to 90 decibels or so, which is more than enough impress your friends!  You practically won’t be able to go much above 85 or 90 decibels, as every speaker has its limits.  However, the Sony SRS-XB2 is a great all-rounder, with good treble and great through the mid range.  Despite its small size, it produces a great range of music, adequate to suit all tastes from rock to classical.

And that is why I like the Sony SRS-XB2 speaker unit because it offers a great combination of price and performance, and it is easy to overlook how small and convenient this device really is.   At this price, the Sony SRS-XB2 has  provided excellent value for money and there is no compromise in terms of sound quality.


Design of the Sony SRS-XB2

The Sony SRS-XB2 has been redesigned to match your lifestyle, with great colors, and water proofing, and such a neat and compact design.  The control buttons are easy to see and use on the top of the speaker body, and the speaker themselves point directly into the room or wherever you want the music to play.  And don’t forget that extra bass option, which adds a little extra to your favorite sound track.

The Sony SRS XB2 is very similar in size and shape to the SRS-X2, and it has retained the rectangular shaped and dimensions of 17 cm by 6 cm by 6cm.  It still has the same curved and rounded ends so it looks more interesting than a typical box speaker.

At more than 1 kilogram in weight, the Sony SRS-XB2 is no light weight speaker, but you get what you pay for, and the sound quality is what this device is all about.


Sony SRS-XB2 is very easy to usebest wireless speaker

Like all of the Sony range, the XB2 is very easy to set up as it uses the best of Bluetooth technology to automatically connect to any other compatible unit.  Simply use the Bluetooth pairing button to find and select your sound track streaming device, and it is ready to play.  The Bluetooth range is typically around 30 feet or up to 10 meters, which will keep you in range around most houses or apartments.


Sony SRS-XB2 – the verdict

I was very impressed with the Sony SRS XB2, as even though it is the lower end of the Sony range of wireless speakers, the SRS-XB2 does not lose anything in terms of performance or clarity.  You will be able to afford this device for under the $100 mark, and if you are serious about your sound quality, you might even want to invest in two of these little speakers at the same time and hook them up together for an even better stereo sound.


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