Sony SRS-X88 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Don’t let the plain or boring exterior of the Sony SRS-X88 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker detract from what is hidden beneath.  Make no mistake, the Sony SRS-X88 is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or maybe that metaphor does not do it justice.  More like a roar than a howl, the SRS-X88 is capable of producing simply amazing audio output that leaves the others for dead.

Sony SRS-X88 Bluetooth Sony SRS-X88 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Wireless Speaker Review

The Sony design team have left nothing to chance with the SRS-X88, and you get all of the finest technology squeezed into a very compact package.  Weighing in at only 5 pounds, the SRS-X88 is an incredible small unit for such huge sound output, but you will have to pay a little extra.  Coming in at around the $200 mark, this is no cheap and nasty little speaker.  If you want something for the beach or the pool, then buy a second speaker like the JBL Splash.  But keep the Sony SRS-X88 in your favourite room for those occasions when only the best will do.

Advantages of the Sony SRS-X88:

  • Choose Sony for excellent sound quality
  • Sony SRS-X88 is Bluetooth, lightweight and portable
  • Bluetooth Wireless connection to your phone, computer or tablet
  • Remote control system
  • Quality design and premium features
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity

Disadvantages of the Sony SRS-X88:

  • Nothing worth mentioning – the SRS-X88 is simply stunning

Music – do you like your music loud?

No matter whether you like your music loud or quiet.  If music is your thing, just wait till you hear the Sony SRS-X88 Bluetooth Speaker pump up the volume.  It is totally surprising just how clear, crisp and loud this little SRS-X88 can be.  Suitable for all your favorite music, the SRS-X88 is not troubled by classical, jazz, rock or punk.  I strongly recommend you try out some of your old favorites as well.  The SRS-X88 has superior sound quality and it just might give you a whole new perspective on your old favorites.  The Sony SRS-X88 is small, reliable and it won’t let you down.

Do you like a bit of style?

Not only is the Sony SRS-X88 Bluetooth Speaker a perfectly functional speaker, it comes in a very neat little package that completely disguises its power and amplitude.  It is completely understated, and will not clash or look out of place anywhere you choose to place it.  Until you turn up the volume, and then the Sony SRS-X88 is a real head turner!  A show stopper!  The Sony SRS-X88 is a must have!

Music was meant to be Fun!

Behind the rather plain and unpretentious packaging is a real behemoth in terms of sound quality and audio output.  The Sony SRS-X88 is a simple rectangular prism, all dressed in black.  Plain and simple.  If you want to be different, you can remove the front grill, to expose the inside workings.  But in terms of appearance, that is about all there is to say.  After all, this wonderful Bluetooth speaker is not about appearances.  It is about the music!  And music was meant to be fun!

Sony SRS-X88 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker SpecificationsSony SRS-X88 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Behind the non-descript grill is where everything thing happens with this wireless speaker.  It consists of 5 speaker transducers in total.  There are two super tweeters measuring 20 mm, and powered by twin 15 W amplifiers.  Next in the audio range are the 40 mm full range transducer drivers, which are also powered by twin 15W amplifiers.  Right in the center of the array is a superb 30 Watt subwoofer, which provides the incredible richness of sound.  Thanks to the superb design of the Sony SRS-X88, there are also a pair of oval radiators which accentuate the sound volume, and add a smoothness to the combinations.  That is 90 Watts all up of pure quality audio!  This just may be the secret by which Sony manages to produce such a huge volume of sound from such a small device.  Another design feature is the mounting feet that isolate the speaker from the sub-surface.  With the cross coupling and vibration effects minimized, all you get from the Sony SRS-X88 is the pure sound quality that you rightly expect.


Other features of the SRS-X88

Seemingly hidden away, but in plain sight are the discreet touch sensitive control buttons.  There are 8 different control buttons for input controls, volume controls, and on off switch.    There is also a small discreet antenna, for WiFi only, so it is quite small and hidden away.  There are 2 USB ports and a 3.5 mm power input jack, but that is about all there is.  The whole unit is all about discreetness and under stated elegance.  Until you turn it up, and then it is all about raw sound power!

Everything else is controlled with the remote control, which is small and simple to use.  The remote control has all the volume controls, playback control, and on or off switch.  Even better, you can use the Sony app to control the SRS-X88 using your mobile phone, which means you are always in control.

 Sony SRS-X88 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Pump the music

There is no shortage of music whenever you Sony SRS-X88 close to hand.  You can directly stream tracks from your mobile device, laptop or computer.  Alternatively, you can use a USB device for direct music download.  It is extremely simple to connect the Sony SRS-X88 Bluetooth wireless speaker to your WiFi network, and instantly, you will receive the wonderful sounds of the SRS-X88.  You can even use the Sony app to play streamed music such as Pandora and Spotify.


The Verdict – Sony SRS-X88

The Sony SRS-X88 Bluetooth speaker has been a bit of a revelation for us here at  Initially we thought this speaker would be too expensive, and at around $400, it is certainly not a cheap wireless speaker.  The price has now reduced significantly to under $200.  But the message here is all about quality, and when you like to listen to high quality audio, then the SRS-X88 comes into its own.

Rather than cost, we need to consider value for money.  When you compare the SRS-X88 alongside some of the cheaper wireless speakers on the market, then the quality becomes obvious.  The Sony SRS-X88 pumps out a genuine stereo sound, rather than a mono dressed up as stereo.  Better than that, the SRS-X88 has a rich and extensive audio quality right up to max volume, and it does this with little or no discernible distortion.

You will be amazed at the design and construction of this amazing Bluetooth speaker.  The sound quality provided by a blend of 5 high powered speaker transducers, for a total of 90 Watts, is simply amazing.  The audio quality is very well balanced, with a homogeneous mix of all music frequencies, right up to max volume.  The design features are fully optimized right down to the isolation mounting feet which prevent any cross coupling of vibration from the sub surface.  Sony has thought of everything!

The Sony SRS-X88 is designed to deliver – click here to buy one at Amazon! Protection Status


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