Sony SRS-X55 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Sony SRS X55 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Sony SRS X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
If you already have a Bluetooth wireless speaker and you want to upgrade it, or if you want to try the latest technology in wireless speakers and you want to try a mid range to get started, then you just can’t go past the Sony SRS X55.  Sony have released the SRS X55 as an upgrade to the highly successful SRS X5 bluetooth speaker model, and have increased the power and clarity of this latest wireless Bluetooth speaker.

This incredible SRS X55 Bluetooth speaker is bound to get your musical juices flowing as it offers the most incredible sound clarity and richness than you would ever believe possible in such a small and portable device.  The Sony SRS X55 offers seamless streaming of all your favorite music, from either your phone, a tablet, any Bluetooth music player, and even your laptop or computer or wherever all your favorites are stored.  You can drive the system with a simple one touch control button.


Incredible Technology with the Sony SRS X55

Sony provide much more than simple pumping our audio volume, and the SRS X55 demonstrates the clever use of technology all packed into one small device.  With digitally enhanced sound and S-master digital amplification, you will get nothing but pure audio and absolute clarity for even the most discerning audio freaks.

The Sony SRS X55 is driven by Bluetooth wireless connectivity, so you can take it with you wherever you go, it will stream from your phone, it doesn’t need to be recharged for up to 10 hours, and the Bluetooth connection is simple to use and provides faultless connectivity.


Sony SRS X55 Design and Features

The SRS X55 features a slim, rectangular design that will complement any design setting and at the same time is portable enough to go wherever you go.  If you only care about volume, this speaker delivers extremely powerful audio, if you care about clarity, you can use this speaker down to very low volume levels, and you can still appreciate the absolute purity and richness of the sound.  It features a subwoofer which you will definitely be impressed with, but it is combined with stereo side speakers which definitely complement the bass and add the richness to the mid range and treble.  These incredible features make the Sony SRSX55 a high class performer for even the most discerning listener.

Power Source/ Battery Life

The Sony SRS X55 runs off mains power, and also contains a rechargeable battery, which lasts up to 10 hours on battery alone.  This offers excellent flexibility as you can take this wireless Bluetooth speaker with you for the whole day, and it can literally fill your mind with soothing sounds, or it can keep the party rocking all day long.  Don’t forget, all you have to do when you get home is plug in the re-charger, and just keep the music playing – no interruptions!



The Sony SRS X55 comes with simple to use controls, and they are all built in seamlessly to the device. A small panel of control buttons and this includes a Bluetooth button, the Sound Volume Control button, and a separate connectivity control.



The Sony SRS X55 Bluetooth speaker even has a speakerphone capability. You can use this fantastic capability and take advantage of hands free communications, at just a touch of a button!

The Sony SRS X55 is easy to use

Set-up is very simple, as all you need to do is power up the speaker unit, and press the Bluetooth connectivity button. Then, press the pairing button and find the Sony SRS X55 on whatever device you choose.  Click accept on the connectivity button, and you’ve got music streamed straight to the speaker, and wonderful rich sound filling your room!


Wireless Range

There is no need to stay ultra close between the mobile steaming device and the speaker unit, which has a range of up to 10 meters, allowing you to enjoy your music even when you need to walk around the room.

Sony SRS X55 Sound QualitySony SRS X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This Sony SRSX55 Bluetooth speaker outputs a serious 20 watt of stereo sound, and it comes complete with a multiple and mixed range speakers which delivers rich, dynamic sound anywhere you want it.   This speaker is focused primarily on the low range notes with an excellent built in sub woofer, but also provides excellent mid range notes as well with an superb mix of speaker sizes and outputs.  This speaker unit represents excellent design and build quality!



The Sony SRSX55 is not the smallest or lightest wireless speaker on the market, but it is still extremely portable, and packs more power for its size than most people realise.  It measures 22 cm long by 12 cm high and just 5 cm wide, which is very compact, and weighs in at just over 1 kg (2.6 pounds).



Priced at around $180, the Sony SRS X55 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker has got you covered.  Although it is not the cheapest on the market, this speaker includes all the very best features that you could possibly expect from a Sony product, and if you value quality sound, then this is definitely worth the extra cost.


Sony SRS X55 Bluetooth Speaker Summary

Most users cannot speak highly enough about this speaker unit, and after experiencing the excellent sound quality, no one seems to complain about the price.  In fact, the opposite is true, all of the reviewers claimed to have an appreciation for high quality musical appreciation, and universally agreed that the Sony SRS-X55 met or exceeded their expectations.  This is high praise from a very discerning audience!

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