Sony SRS-X2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Sony SRS X2 Bluetooth Speaker

Sony produces a range of fantastic portable mini speakers, and the Sony SRSX2 is no exception!  This little speaker is fully wireless with Bluetooth connectivity and excellent sound quality.  Although it does not have the high end performance of some of its bigger cousins on the market, this little beauty will still surprise you in terms of pure sound output, and it will also surprise you in terms of its great value for money.  That’s right, this little wireless speaker is priced at the lower end of the market, but for around $80, you can buy a lot of sound and portability for a very low price!


Sony SRS X2 – pick whatever color you like

This superb wireless speaker comes in black, red or white which means you can choose whatever color you like to match your décor.  These colors will certainly stand out in any surroundings, and will be a very smart addition to your room, bookshelf, and computer surround, or even your work or office!  Why not take your favorite music with you wherever you go!  This handy little speaker system is totally wireless and will run off batteries for hours, which is enough time to take it with you to work each day, or wherever you choose, but you may have to conserve the battery to make sure you have enough juice for the trip home.

There is a battery life indicator, which runs on a green LED light, until the battery runs low, when the indicator light turns to orange.  It still seems to run for a decent time on orange, but you never know when it will stop!

Sony SRS X2 – excellent audio

Even when you run this little wireless speaker on battery, it pumps out excellent quality sound up to 90 decibels, which is more than enough to rock you!  Now don’t expect to be able to belt out every single music track at full volume, as every speaker has its limits.  The Sony SRS X2 performs as a great all-rounder, through the mid range and treble, and despite its small size, it produces an overall pleasing range of audio, and don’t forget that volume.  I really didn’t expect that it could provide the bass to compete with the larger speakers, but I listened to some old fashioned rock and was very pleasantly surprised.  So it does have great all round audio performance.

In terms of distortion, the Sony SRS X2 can pump out the volume up to and beyond 90 decibels, but I feel that the limit may be around 80 decibels, when I felt it lost a little clarity.  I am not sure that it was where the first hint of distortion cut in, or whether it started to vibrate through the furniture!  I think 85 decibels would be the sensible limit, and it certainly has the output power.  But there is no need to push these limits all the time, and I found that the Sony SRS-X2 played acoustic music and classical music at sensibly lower volumes with amazing clarity and balanced audio output.  I think this is the key to these wireless, portable speakers, is the ability to take your personal music requirements and to keep them private, rather than blast the whole neighborhood!

And that is why I like these portable Bluetooth wireless speakers because they strike a nice balance between price and performance.  Never forgetting that these devices are so small and convenient, while there is no compromise in terms of sound quality.  At this price, the Sony SRS-X2 has certainly nailed the perfect combination of affordability and sound quality.

Design of the Sony SRS X2

As you can see in the photo of the Sony SRS-X2, this great little wireless speaker is a compact and versatile design, with the control buttons on the top of the device, and the speaker outputs pointing directly into the room so that you get the best audio quality.  The  control buttons are easy to see and easy to use, with volume control, Bluetooth control and speakerphone controls all clearly labeled and accessible.

There is even a surround sound option, with control buttons, and this adds a little extra oomph to the sound quality, which certainly creates the impression that this little speaker is larger than it looks!


Battery Life

The Sony specifications state that the SRS-X2 battery life is upwards of around 5 hours on a full charge.   When I read up on the customer reviews I found that some were boasting of longer than this, up to 7 hours, and some others were struggling to get 5 hours away from a charge point.  I suspect that it has a lot to do with your music intensity, as playing constantly on high volume does seem to drain the battery faster than playing a little more conservatively.  I also think that no matter how well you look after it, the battery is more than likely to lose a little power output as it gets older, so that may account for the differences in user experience.

The Sony SRS X2 can be simply and easily recharged using the micro USB port and it even comes with the wall plug and the USB cable, so you don’t have to pay extra for the peripherals – everything is included in the price.


The Sony SRS X2 is rectangular shaped and around 17 cm by 6 cm by 6cm, but the curved and rounded ends add a streamlined touch, which adds a bit more interest than just a box speaker.  In terms of weight, the Sony is not the lightest speaker on the market, as it weighs in at around 17 ounces.  Not much I know, but there are some lighter options if you are interested in some of the truly mini sound bars, or sound pods on the market.


Sony SRS-X2 – So easy to Setup and Use

The Sony SRS X2 is very easy to use.  That is the benefit of Bluetooth technology that seeks and connects automatically to compatible devices.  For Apple devices, you simply have to hit the “Bluetooth pairing” button on the speaker, and then search for Sony SRS-X2 under the Bluetooth Setting screen on the device.  Even simpler for Android devices, you just place the mobile device on the speaker “N” mark, and once the connection pops up – click accept!  Simple as that.

The specifications state that the Bluetooth has a range of up to 30 feet, but this seems to be the default range for all devices.  Safe to say, stick within that general range and it will work just fine.

The Verdict:

I was pleasantly surprised at the Sonya SRS X2, being the cheapest of the Sonya range of portable wireless speakers, but this speaker does not compromise anything on performance or quality audio output.  It offers great value for money at around the $80 mark.  Whilst it is not the lightest device, and there are some much smaller sound pods that are more portable, the Sony SRS-X2 is a little beauty and is certainly an excellent choice of Bluetooth wireless speaker. Protection Status


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