Pure Jongo S3 Wireless Speaker Review

Jongo S3 Wireless Speaker by Pure Speakers

Pure Speaker Manufacturers truly put in quite an effort when developing the Pure Jongo S3 Wireless Speaker. This handy little device is not only attractive in terms of external appearance, but it also has very good sound quality resulting in a 360 degree sweet spot. With several modes of connectivity to your device, a reliable battery life and a variety of audio profiles, it stands out as wireless speakers worth your buck.

Portable or Bookshelf?

You can carry the Jongo S3 around with you say for a picnic or a day on the beach or any other adventure. However, weighing 1.25kg and coming in a very compact boxy design, perhaps you would also consider having the Jongo S3 as bookshelf speakers. After all, they do come in attractive enough colors to enhance your home or office décor.

Whichever way you decide to have it, these wireless speakers have a rechargeable lithium ion battery which lets you take the speaker with you; or it can be connected to the mains and be used as bookshelf speakers.

Power Source / Battery Life

The speakers are powered by 110-230V AC mains power supplied to the 9V DC external power adapter that comes with the speakers upon purchase. The lithium ion battery power is more than adequate for the job and once fully charged, it has a maximum life of 10 hours.

Of course, the battery life largely depends on the volumes at which you play your music as well as the audio profile currently in use. For instance, if you are playing music in the outdoor boost mode, then the battery is bound to get drained much faster.

Wireless Standard: Bluetooth / Airplay / WiFi

The Jongo S3 Wireless speakers support both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options. The Wi-Fi connectivity has a bit of technicality to it, but it works great and particularly comes in handy when you are dealing with more than one set of Jongo S3 wireless speakers.

The Bluetooth support is achieved via a USB dongle supplied with the speakers and the Bluetooth connection is quite reliable; offering a good connection and pairs very easily with your device, and is very easy to set up and get running.

Controls, Volume, Bass, Treble ControlPure Jongo S3 wireless speaker review

The controls on the device are power, volume up, volume down, WiFi setup, Reset and Audio Mode. The audio mode button is meant to control the configuration of the 5 drivers, which collectively create the great sound quality achieved by these speakers.

When in ‘mono’ mode, all the 5 drives play the same sound in terms of notes and tones. When in ‘stereo’, one side gets to play as a left speaker with the other being the right speaker. If you wish to place your speakers in a corner and you would like to prevent wastage, then the ‘stereo’ mode allows you to use forward facing stereo in which case the back speakers will be shut off.

The ‘outdoor boost’ mode instantly makes your Jongo Speakers the life of the party allowing you to blast ultra loud music. It might be worth noting that with Jongo can pump out a surprising amount of sound, especially on boost settings, so beware of the angry neighbors!

Controlling Music Playback

Music playback is controlled from the device with which you have paired the speakers. When playing over WiFi, then playback control is achieved through a special app meant for the Pure Jongo S3 system; this is the Pure Connect App. The app is available for iOS and there is also a version available for android.

Also of interest to note is that streaming over WiFi has some technicalities which are discussed in the ‘ease of setup’ section.

Ease of Set-up

You can connect devices to the Jongo S3 Wireless Speaker in three ways. One is by using the auxiliary port, using Bluetooth connection or through WiFi. The auxiliary port connection is quite straightforward; as is the Bluetooth pairing too.

The technicality comes when you need to use the WiFi connection. If you are wondering why not just avoid WiFi connectivity altogether, well, it does have a couple of advantages such as:

  • WiFi lets you connect to 2 or more Jongo S3 Wireless speakers (gotta love that)
  • You can stream music from an online source using WiFi

The technicality in setting up WiFi comes in whereby first off, you would need the Pure Connect app but Apple’s Airplay is not supported. When it comes to streaming music from an online source, you can only do so using Pure Music (a music subscription service by Pure) what can be a bit of a bummer is that the WiFi connectivity will not even allow you to stream music from your laptop when you are streaming from the Pure Music website.

The above could be a slight glitch; which I am sure many users would like to see corrected. All in all, once you have set up the system, using it is as easy as using any other audio playback device.

Stereo Separation

Stereo separation is possible within a single speaker unit; but not across several speakers working in tandem. What this means is that from a single unit, you could set up the audio profiles such as speakers on one side act as the right speakers and those on the other become the left speakers. But what you cannot do is make one complete speaker unit become the right speaker while the other becomes the left; such that the 2 play together in stereo.

This shortcoming aside, the stereo separation within a single unit is quite impressive seeing as you can choose to turn some drivers off completely while leaving the others in operation.

Jongo S3 Wireless Range

Relying on Bluetooth support, the overall wireless range is impressive and with good signal quality. As for WiFi, of course, the range will be as good as your home network signal strength.

Pure Jongo S3 offers the best Designs and Colors

The Jongo S3 might be a tad hefty owing to the ‘boxy’ design, but in terms of aesthetics, it can really brighten up a room. The system comes in color black or white, but the speaker grilles come in a variety of colors allowing one a wide choice from the subtle sandstone to the fiery burnt orange.  So you only have to buy one speaker (or a pair for stereo fun) but you can change the grille covers and change the décor colors as often as you like – it comes with a wider range of colors than any other brand!

Pure Jongo S3 wireless speaker review

The system is small enough to fit in a large jacket pocket – although it would be quite heavy to carry around with you and the ‘boxy’ design comes in handy whereby a 360 degree sweet spot is attained.

Pure Jongo S3 Sound Quality

The audio quality is achieved using 5 speaker drivers:

4 high frequency speaker drivers

1 Neodynium mid range bass speaker driver

The bass driver is the clearest of all the 5; ascertaining its place as the showpiece. The other 4 drivers are evenly spaced on the 4 sides of the speaker system giving out balanced sound in all directions, thus creating the 360 degree sweet spot.


W x D x H: 131 x 139 x 135mm

Weight: 1.25kg with battery charger


  • 4 x 2.5W + 10W RMS power output
  • 5mm auxiliary port
  • A2DP Bluetooth support
  • 4 high frequency speaker drivers
  • 1 Neodymium motor mid range bass speaker driver
  • 10h battery
  • 9V Direct Current external power adapter
  • 3 year warranty on Pure Jongo S3
  • Several audio profiles included



Jongo S3 grille packs:

As previously mentioned, the Jongo S3 system comes in standard black or white colors; but the speaker grilles also come in a range of colors, including contrasting white, which can be changed for aesthetics purposes. The colors to choose from are lilac, nettle, royal blue, salted caramel, sandstone, slate, vermillion, burnt orange, lime green and mango.

Other accessories include user manual, the Pure Jongo S3 Wireless Speaker, power adapter


  • Superior audio quality
  • Long enough battery life
  • Good stereo separation
  • Aesthetically appealing design
  • Good connectivity
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Affordable


  • Bulky boxy design
  • Discriminator WiFi connection settings

Consumer Ratings

With extremely positive reviews of this nifty gadget, it is still a favorite among consumers, thanks to the good stereo sound quality and other benefits. On the overall, a rating of 4/5 would be the general consensus on performance and value for money.

 Price:  Under $100

For what the Jongo S3 speakers can offer, it goes without saying that it is very affordably priced when compared to other products in the same category.  Click here to buy at Amazon.


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