About Me

Hi, my name is Ed Howard and I like many people, I love music. I believe sound is very personal in how we each interpret it, but I have also always believed a great set of speakers can magically enhance the sound of music and allow you to hear notes and the pure richness of the sounds you might not hear in lesser quality speakers.

So yes I like the research, I am amazed at how the technology evolves and continues to improve.

I also love the fact that speaker systems are wireless, that you can bring music into your speakers from so many different sources, and you can literally have speakers in every room….the options are plenty.

I also know how easy it is to get bogged down in all the lingo, my hope is to provide simple yet sincere informative reviews on the many options in the marketplace.

I hope you find this information helpful in selecting your own special, very personal, yet totally satisfying sound that will please you and whomever you share your music with.

Happy Listening!