OontZ Angle Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Oontz Angle ultraThe OontZ line of portable wireless bluetooth speakers are made by Creative Soundworks. They were founded in 1988 and are headquartered in MA. USA. They were one of the first companies to sell consumer electronic on the internet. They are a subsidiary of Creative Technology LTD. The OontZ Angle is one of four speakers offered in the OontZ line. This little speaker is a top five best seller at Amazon for bluetooth cell phone speakers currently. This little speaker’s popularity is likely a result of it’s price among other features, we like this little speaker. Read our detailed review to see why.

OontZ Angle Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review



Portable or Bookshelf

This little speaker is made to be on the go. You can use it anyplace, or any room. The sound quality would likely prevent most folks from using as a bookshelf speaker, although in some of the customer reviews some people do.

Power Source/ Battery Life

The speaker is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is charged by a micro USB connector cable. The life of the battery is 12 hours at 2/3 volume. The speaker can be used while it is charging.

Wireless Standard: Bluetooth

The speaker can play music from the source such as your Bluetooth enabled device that support A2DP and AVRCP, and these are merely the Bluetooth profiles that are used to wirelessly stream the music from iphone, ipad, itouch, Android smartphones and tablets and most Macbook Pro or PC laptops. This will also connect to desktops as well if Bluetooth enabled. OontZ Angle Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review


The controls are easy to use and are located on the back of the speaker towards the top on the right as you face the front of the speaker. You have a volume up and down button that sandwiches the Bluetooth/Answer/Reject Call/Play/Pause button. At the bottom of the rear of the speaker from left to right as you are looking at the rear, you have a on/off switch, Aux-In Port, USB Port for charging, charging indicator. There is a MIC top left of the rear. There is a bright Sync LED indicator on the front of the speaker lower middle.

Many of these smaller speakers usually depend on the controls from your device to control the volume, but this speaker you can do both.


This little speaker also can be used as a speakerphone, and the controls are simple to use. You can answer, reject a call or hang up. You can also switch between the speaker and phone easily.

Ease of Set-up

You can pair your speaker to a device within seconds, very easy to do. You can only pair with one device at a time.

Stereo Separation

Stereo separation is merely the the separation of sounds through a left and right speaker. When listening to the music you may hear the drums through the right speaker and the guitar through the left, this separation mimics the spatial separation within the studio where the music is recorded. This is a very small speaker, it does have two speakers inside, but they are so close together that any stereo separation you get is very hard to hear.

Wireless Range

The range for most Bluetooth devices is about 30 feet. That means your device must be within 30 feet or your speaker for it to stream music without interruption or stopping.OontZ Angle Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

OontZ Angle Design

We like the sleek little design, rounded corners, very light weight, and actually it looks like it should cost more. This speaker comes in several grill color offerings, black, pink, blue, red, lime green, silver, green, and silver. There are rubberized legs to keep it from sliding.

There are no details given from the OontZ Angle spec page from the company site about what is inside the speaker itself. All we know is that there are two proprietary  drivers that are engineered to be light weight and to deliver distinct mid range and clear crisp highs.

Sound Quality

The speaker can play music loudly, but at this price range sound quality is a bit hard to come by. As mentioned stereo separation is hard to hear. Bass is present, but barely, these types of speakers sound best with mid ranges so music that is bass heavy will struggle. Look speakers of this size just don’t sound great, but for the price, this little speaker is great for kids. I once went into a small store and they had music playing in the background, it was nice, pleasant, come to find out it was coming from a cell phone. So sure the quality, stereo, big bass was lacking, but it was loud enough and sounded good, I was surprised at the source, a small cell phone? This speaker is like that, you will be pleasantly surprised at the decent sound if your expectations are in the right place and for the price it is an excellent choice.


Height: 2.67 inch

Width: 5.31 inches

Depth: 3 inches

Weight: 9.1 oz

Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle Features

Ultra-Portable: very light weight, easy to take with you, sleek design

No Bluetooth No Problem: Aux In can be used to connect your speaker if your device doesn’t have Bluetooth, although most devices today do use Bluetooth

Long Battery life: listen up to 10-12 hours, can also listen while charging your battery

Hands Free Speakerphone: sometimes the speaker on your phone or device just doesn’t cut it

Price: best value for price      OontZ Angle Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review


micro USB connector charging cable

3.5 mm audio line in cable

OontZ Angle user guide


excellent price, nice design, color options, speakerphone, long battery life, nice sound, portable, easy to grab and go, ease of use


the speaker doesn’t have an AC charger, some folks didn’t like that

OontZ Angle Customer Reviews

This speaker enjoys overall solid reviews, for the price you simply cannot go wrong, easy to use, decent sound and very portable.


We think this is a great product for the price, you simply cannot go wrong here. You just need to be realistic in your expectations for sound quality at this price, and in fact many folks were pleasantly surprised at how good this does sound and look. We give it a 4.5 rating overall, and recently this has been selling at even lower costs with discounted prices. A great Buy!

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OontZ Angle Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review


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