NAD Electronics VISO 1 Air Play Wireless Digital Music System

NAD Electronics VISO 1 Air Play Wireless

Digital Music System with Bluetooth

NAD VISO 1 best wireless speaker

For over forty years, NAD has been a standout, well-known name amongst audio audiophiles. More recently, it has joined the likes of Arcam, Monitor Audio, Bowers & Wilkins and others by entering into the extremely competitive market sector of Apple docks. Hi-Fi’s are a thing of the past; docks are now in! NAD has stuck to what it’s best at; pitching the “Viso 1” at the premium end of the market. As you switch the dock on, this approach becomes apparent. NAD describes the Viso 1 as a, “ring design”, which refers to the silver band wrapped around it, containing the Apple connector. This is similar to other designs, however, when combined with the tubular shape it creates a stylish look that is both unique and stylish!


Being 12 pounds it is way heavier than most portable speakers. Given the serious audiophile like sound though, most will prefer the bookshelf, or countertop.


NAD VISO 1 – Power Source/battery life

The Viso 1 runs on electric power, so it is not portable, unless you are moving from room to room

NAD VISO 1 best wireless speaker

NAD VISO 1 – Wireless Standard uses Bluetooth

Bluetooth aptX wireless high fidelity receiver works with any Bluetooth device that you own. Just pair your device to the speaker, and you will instantly be able to hear any music you have on your device. If your device does not have Bluetooth capabilities, you can still listen to your music via the optical digital input.


NAD VISO 1 – Controls are very convenient to use

There is a power button located on the left side of the device; a toggle button on the top of the device, allowing you to search for sources. Also located on the toggle button are the volume up and down controls. The remote control that comes with the device allows you to simply and easily start up and stop the music, and allows you to skip ahead tracks.  Of course, as a minimum, you will love being able to adjust the volume, the track, and the music from anywhere within the comfort of your own home.



This speaker does not contain a speakerphone capability.


NAD VISO 1 – Easy to Set-up

This particular speaker is super speedy to turn on; taking only a few seconds. Pairing to your device is also an extremely simple process.


Stereo Separation

The sound from this speaker is so good, pure that you hear the layering of the music, voices and percussion. Forget your stereo components, this will serve many folks as “the” system for years to come.


Wireless Range

Wireless range is the distance your device needs to be to the speaker in order to pick up the streaming music. The bluetooth on this device is around 30 feet.


White or Black:  Unique Tubular DesignNAD VISO 1 white best wireless speaker

The NAD Viso 1 is stylishly designed. It comes in black or white. The Viso 1 can also rotate 90 degrees, to allow for landscape orientation of your iPhone or iPod Touch. The most attractive part of the design is the clamping mechanism that locks your portable device into place. The port on the side looks good and is a reminder that this baby is going to move some air.


NAD VISO 1 – Sound Quality is second to none

This speaker will definitely not disappoint anyone looking for high class sound. Extremely low noise floor, quick response, and low distortion. The main component of the VISO 1’s exceptional wireless sound quality is Bluetooth aptX, a technology that retains all the detail of the audio in which it carries.

Inside are three drivers, a subwoofer that is 5.75″ and near full range aluminum cone and dome speakers (2) that are 2.75″ The output is 15 Watts per speaker and a dedicated 50 Watts for the subwoofer. The frequencies are from a low 33Hz to 28Khz, which is sure to please.

So to be clear this speaker is hands down the best ipod speaker for quality sound period! Fantastic sound, deep rich bass….just beautiful rich music, simply stunning!



11.8 x 19.2 x 10.3 inches

12.4 pounds

NAD VISO 1 best wireless speaker reviews

NAD Viso 1 Features:

Attention Grabbing Sound: This speaker can handle the low frequencies, which delivers a clean, full bass. A unique circuit compensates for clipping, so even at the highest volume, there’s no distortion with your music. You will enjoy a spacious sound field that presents real presence.

Bluetooth: Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and iPods.

Optical Digital Input: Compatible with up to 24/96k music sources from external devices like Televisions, Compact Disc Players or Media music Streamers.

Accessories:  everything you need to get up and running, out of the box

  • Power cord
  • Remote control with batteries
  • Quickstart guide



  • Unique design
  • Bluetooth
  • Lightweight, loud sound, bi-amplified speakers for greater accuracy, superb bass response.
  • does have three source inputs, bluetooth, optical in or attached ios device.


  • On the pricey side for some but the audiophiles will rejoice
  • No AirPlay or 3.5 mm Auxiliary Input
  • Won’t fit an iPad, can connect through bluetooth though, or with an adapter



NAD Viso 1 Wireless Speaker Customer Reviews

There are currently hundreds of customer reviews floating around on this speaker; It has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Most would agree that the design of this speaker is unique and special, and It’s fairly easy to carry around. There is no AUX input, which a lot of users are disappointed with. Most would agree that the sound quality is excellent.

Satisfied customers also suggested you can buy an adapter to connect the latest iphones.


Price: Under  $300  <<<Check the latest prices at Amazon>>>

The thing to remember here is that this speaker is an ipod/iphone dock, it is a bit outdated now, but for pure sound it is still worth every penny.  The lack of AUX, AirPlay and being incapable with the iPad are a few major drawbacks, again nothing an adapter can’t fix. However, the sound quality on this is superb, and the unique design is something to talk about. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars, but if grading for pure sound a 5+


Summary – the verdict

The beauty here is that you can get the next generation of this speaker that is totally wireless and can easily connect to your ipad, is not simply an ipod dock and still has the best true audio sound for a wireless speaker system.

NAD Electronics VISO 1 AP Wireless Digital Music System with Airplay and Bluetooth Protection Status


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