My Wireless Speaker Reviews

My Wireless Speaker Reviews

wireless speaker reviews
Hi and welcome to The Sound of Wireless Music. My name is Ed and I’ve always had a passion for music. I hope to build this site with wireless speaker reviews and interesting articles as a guide to assist you in finding the best wireless speakers to suit what you are looking for.

I started this as a handy resource for beginners who can easily get bogged down with the changes in technology, so it is easy to have more questions than answers when you are shopping. We are very mobile, the technology is quickly changing, and you still see “wireless speakers” with wires, so what is what? There are certain definitions that might come in handy when shopping, much the same way as you might need to know what HD means when shopping for a new TV.

I hope to answer these questions to get you started.

First Wireless Speakers for Children

We now have many more options for music sources, and therefore the music can be streamed wirelessly to your speakers and moved from room to room, or actually can go wherever you do. There are some nice wireless speakers that kids can use that are durable, inexpensive, colorful, and great sounding.

Single Wireless Speakers

Can be used alone, but with great sound, wide range of prices and quality

wireless speaker reviews

Multi-Room Wireless Speaker Systems

The nice thing about these systems is you can add on, build your system over time.
You can have music in every room, playing the same music or different depending on you.

Home Theater Wireless Systems

There are some great name brands with some fantastic features to deliver that theater sound that you can feel as well as hear, these can also be expanded to other rooms or even out on the porch.

wireless speaker reviews

How I Find The Best Rated Wireless Speakers

As you know it is likely impossible to keep up with the market. What I do to decide which are the best rated wireless speakers is to read the websites of the top manufacturers , study the top online and box store retailers. I also listen to the speakers whenever I can. I look at overall consumer ratings, and comments. I consider the durability of the wireless speaker and of course the strength of the brand.

So bear with me as I add to this site and introduce you to the specs and details to help you uncover the facts which help you to determine the performance of each.

Please add comments, questions and I’ll answer as quickly as I can.

Good Luck in your search!

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