Matrix Audio Qube2 Bluetooth Wire Mini-Speaker Review

Matrix Audio Qube2 Bluetooth Wire Mini-Speaker ReviewMatrix Audio clearly touts their products as portable, and their latest offering is definitely a wireless speaker you will just automatically take with you. The company out of Toronto Canada specializes in small highly portable solutions for good sound in a wireless speaker and the Qube 2 is pretty cool.

Matrix Audio Qube2 Bluetooth Wire Mini-Speaker Review

Portable or Bookshelf

This tiny little speaker is totally portable, heck it will fit into your pocket, and made for travel so it can go anywhere you can go. This will even fit on a keychain, or you could wear as a necklace if you wanted.

Power Source/Battery Life

This wireless speaker will play for 8-10 hours. The speaker is charged using a USB charging cable. The USB port is used for charging only. The battery will fully charge in 3 hours. The batteries are nonstandard, and they are included.

Wireless Standard:Bluetooth

Bluetooth enabled. This speaker will easily connect to any device that uses Bluetooth, including smartphones, laptops, ipods, Ipads, etc.


Easy to use, very simple. There is an on/off button
A bright LED indicator that will flash blue until paired with your device, solid blue when paired. The light will turn red when charging, turn off when charged.
The volume and play/pause controls are completed from your device, again very easy.


noneMatrix Audio Qube2 Bluetooth Wire Mini-Speaker Review

Ease of Set up

When you turn this speaker on it automatically begins searching for a device, so if your device has the Bluetooth enabled it will pair within seconds. It will also automatically pair if previously paired.

Stereo Separation

Stereo separation is merely the separation of sounds through a right and  left speaker. When listening to a performance you may hear the drums through the right speaker and the guitar from the left speaker, this separation mimics the spatial separation within the studio where the music is recorded. Yes you can enjoy stereo sound from this speaker, however is not as wide as two separate speakers that are placed apart from each other. This is also a tiny speaker, so realistically don’t expect too much in the way of stereo sound.

Wireless Range

Bluetooth standard is around 30 feet and this speaker performs in that range. The speaker needs to be within 30 feet of the pairing device to get your music to play without interruptions.

Matrix Audio Qube2 Design

We really like the design. Rounded corners, available in five colors, blue, purple, red, silver and black, small, tiny in fact at 3 inches wide and weighing only 6 ounces.
There are 2 speakers inside this unit, each delivering 3 watts of power. We also know they use passive Bass technology, and this is used with very small speakers to get the most out of the bass sound. This are designed to be the ultimate small portable “take me everywhere” wireless speaker.

Matrix Audio Qube2 Bluetooth Wire Mini-Speaker ReviewSound quality

For such a small wireless speaker the sound is impressive, much better than most speakers that are in your computer, laptop or smartphone. They are fairly loud, clear and they sound nice for their size and price. If you are looking for more quality sound then you should be looking at higher priced speakers. We do think there is a big difference between these and wireless speakers that are cheaper in price.


3.14 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
6.5 oz

Qube2 Features

Pocket sized: You can take this speaker anyplace
Stereo Sound: Hard to get stereo sound in such a small speaker but it is present in the Qube 2
Aluminum Finish: Attractive, sleek and lightweight
Matrix Audio Technology: proprietary, but allows for this speaker to deliver very nice sounding mid to high range music tones
3.5 headphone jack: can uses headphones or hook up this speaker to other devices using a 3.5 audio cable (not included)
Battery Life: 8-10 hours of music play


USB charging cable
Carrying Pouch
Carrying Strap
User Guide


ultimate portable wireless speaker, price, nice sound, carrying pouch and strap, ease of use, color options


this is rare, but no cons here

Matrix Audio Qube2 Consumer Reviews

So far the ratings have been strong and positive. This is the best sounding speaker for it’s size no doubt, and the price is very reasonable.


We like the Qube 2 and given the impressive sound for such a small portable speaker mixed with the lower price point and you get a winner!

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Matrix Audio Qube2 Bluetooth Wire Mini-Speaker Review

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