Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

HMDX Audio, a company from MI, USA has been producing consumer favorites for the past 20 years and their Jam product line of Bluetooth wireless speakers has been wildly successful. In fact the Jam Classic is touted as the best selling wireless speaker, and as of this writing Jam Classic has three colors  listed in the top 10 of Amazons best selling Bluetooth cellphone speakers. Nothing fancy here, but due to it’s popularity we decided to take a look. See our detailed review.

Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Portable or Bookshelf

This is a small, portable speaker, we say take it with you.

Power Source/battery life

This has a lithium-ion battery and lasts 4 hours, you can also listen while charging. Takes 3 hours to fully charge.

Wireless Standard:Bluetooth

Any device that uses Bluetooth will pair up to this speaker. The music from your device streams your music wirelessly using Bluetooth technology to your speaker. If your device doesn’t use Bluetooth, but has a 3.5 mm Aux out then you can connect using that.Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review


The controls are easy to use and located along the lower side of the unit. You have a play/pause button, volume up and down, Bluetooth indicator, battery charge indicator. You also have an on and off switch on the bottom of the speaker.



Ease of Set-up

The unit takes just a few seconds to turn on and pair to a device, very simple

Stereo Separation

none, music is in mono mode, no stereo,

Wireless Range

Bluetooth usually is around 30 feet. That is how close your speaker needs to be to the device you intend on streaming music from.Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Jam Classic Design

These little speakers in a way look like a Jam jar, and they come in attractive jam flavor colors such as blueberry, apple, apricot, blackberry, strawberry, and grape. There are no specific details from the manufacturer about what is inside the jam jar. It has fun packaging and is seemingly geared towards younger listeners who can easily carry this around wherever they choose to listen.

Sound Quality

Speakers in this class will no doubt disappoint those who are looking for quality sound. Kids and non audiophile types are likely to be pleased. This speaker has decent sound, not much bass, but the sound is a bit surprising given the smallness of the speaker and the fact that is in mono mode. These certainly are loud enough but may distort your music at high volume levels, especially with bass heavy tracks.


2.8 in x 2.8 in x 2.5 in

weight 9.6 oz

HMDX Audio Jam Classic Features

Portability: small enough and light enough to take anyplace, beach, pool, park, or any room in your home.Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Variety of Colors: fun fruity colors, nice packaging

Big Sound: big sound for such a small speaker

Bluetooth: compatible with nearly all Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, most notebooks, ipods, and ipads.


mini USB charger



packaging, can use the jam jar as a carrying case, colorful, decent loud sound, rechargeable battery, price


charging cord is short, only 6 in, mono soundJam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Jam Classic Wireless Speaker Customer Reviews

There are literally thousands of reviews as this little speaker has enjoyed great success, this seems to be a favorite for gifting to the 8-12 year olds. The packaging gets very positive comments. The speaker is attractive and has surprisingly big sound.


Marketing is everything and although this speaker is average for sound quality, battery life is behind other speakers, the attraction to this speaker is immediate upon receiving and opening. The fruit colors are awesome. This speaker makes a great gift and for the price is a good buy. We give it a 4.8

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Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review




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