Black Friday Wireless Speaker Deals

A few days before this day arrives we will have scouted out the best Black Friday wireless speaker deals. We will continue to update the page as we come across more savings opportunities ... Continue Reading →
Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers

We want to be consistent in our assertion that choosing the best outdoor wireless speaker is very much identical to the way you would choose the best portable wireless speakers. The ... Continue Reading →
Best portable wireless speakers

Best Portable Wireless Speakers

Out of the hundreds of models, what or who makes the best portable wireless speakers? That is a great question, but one only you can answer for yourself. Given that a “portable ... Continue Reading →
wireless speaker for laptop

Wireless Speakers For Your Laptop

As you know the speakers in your laptop are horrible, and the quality isn’t much better than the speakers in your cellphone, so what about getting wireless speakers for your laptop? Sure ... Continue Reading →

Waterproof Wireless Speakers

We are assuming you are looking for waterproof wireless speakers and not water resistant. The speakers mentioned below are engineered to be able to handle a wet environment as being ... Continue Reading →

Ten Reasons To Purchase A Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

A portable bluetooth wireless speaker is first and foremost a small speaker. When we say small it could weigh 8-9 oz up to 3-4 lbs. It can also be one little speaker or perhaps have ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Under $100

These top 10 Bluetooth Wireless speakers all cost under $100 and have very good reviews. These are all portable speakers that can last for a long time, offer a wide variety of sound, ... Continue Reading →
5 best bluetooth wireless speakers

5 Best Wireless Speakers

Choosing the 5 Best Wireless Speakers of the year is kind of like choosing the top 5 contestants on American Idol. Very tough, very subjective, and hard to get folks to agree totally, ... Continue Reading →

What Are Wireless Speaker Apps?

As technology changes for what some would say for the better, there are those that run away from it, or simply hide from it and mainly because they don’t understand it, or perceive ... Continue Reading →
why is there a speakerphone in my wireless speaker

Why is there a speakerphone in my wireless speaker?

  Why is there a speakerphone in my wireless speaker? We hear that question often and sure we see the brilliant new technologies, many neat features, and hear beautiful breathtaking ... Continue Reading →