Cambridge Audio Minx Go Speaker Review

If there is one thing you can definitely appreciate about the Cambridge Minx Go speaker, it is that simplicity goes not only in the design on this nifty gadget; but also in the functionality. Offering good sound quality and coming in a simple minimalist design, the Cambridge Minx Go speakers are without doubt among the best in its price range.

The speakers are affordable and have a good enough performance to satisfy even the ardent music enthusiast; not to mention the gamer too, seeing as the game audio quality from gadgets is normally quite disappointing. And with the auxiliary port present, your connections need not be restricted to Bluetooth-enabled devices only. Even PCs may be connected to the speakers.

Portable or Bookshelf

Just one look at the Minx Go would be all you need to know that the gadget is as portable as they come. It may be small enough for you to hold in the palm of your hand, but let this not blind you to the impressive audio quality you might get from the Minx Go.

Power Source/Battery Life

Like any other wireless speaker out there, the Minx Go has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a life of about 18 hours once fully charged. The speaker is charged using an AC adapter, at a voltage of 100V – 240V.

The battery life of 18 hours holds true as long as you are playing audio at 50% volume; any higher and it goes without saying that the battery will be drained much faster.

Wireless Standard: Bluetooth / Airplay

The speakers possess stereo Bluetooth, which makes connections so much easier where you would rather not connect the device using a wire. Whenever you have a device with Bluetooth, making a simple connection takes a matter of seconds.

For the Minx Go, there is a slight shortcoming in that the speakers use the standard SBC audio codec of Bluetooth; rather than the superior Apt®-X Bluetooth codec.

Controls, Volume, Bass, Treble Control

At the top of the speakers, there are 3 buttons allowing you to power the gadget either on or off; and to increase and decrease the volume. The various notes are delivered by a 5-speaker set up:

  • 2 titanium tweeters; for the treble
  • Twin 2” woofer; for mid range and bass
  • An Active Bass Radiator (ABR); for the extra low-end frequencies

Controlling Music Playback

Just like many other wireless speakers, music playback is controlled from your pairing device as there aren’t controls on the speaker that could allow you to pause, play, forward or rewind.


The Minx Go speaker lacks speakerphone capabilities thus meaning that you cannot pick up a call ‘via the speakers’. This could be a major shortcoming but then again, considering the price of the speakers; perhaps the lack of speakerphone abilities can easily be overlooked.

Ease of Set-up

In the absence of Wi-Fi and Airplay, setting up the Minx Go speakers is through Bluetooth and this only takes a couple of minutes. As soon as discovery is turned on, you could be paired almost immediately ridding the setup process of any complications and technicalities.

In addition, the benefit of Bluetooth is that it allows you to connect the speakers to virtually any device; seeing as most devices today, ranging from smart phones to tablets to laptops, have Bluetooth. In the absence of Bluetooth enabled devices though or just as a mere alternative, there is a 3.5mm auxiliary port through, which you can connect your device by wire, to the speaker.

Stereo Separation

Owing to the size of these speakers, it would not be possible to get stereo separation. Even if it were to be carried out, the tonal variation would be almost negligible unless one listens very close to the speakers.

Wireless Range

The connectivity range is around 10 meters for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The Cambridge Minx Go speakers hold true for this range; but it might get distorted in the presence of many obstacles such as interference caused by other gadgets present.


The exterior of the Minx Go speakers quite stands out seeing as it is not as metallic as most of its fellow counterparts within the same category. However, the scratch-resistant high-gloss lacquer finish is quite attractive; not to mention you have the option of choosing between black and white for the speakers’ color.

To sum up the overall design, it is obvious that the designers of the Minx Go were looking towards minimalistic functionality. There is a flip-out foot at the bottom to further enhance stability of the speakers when placed atop a surface; but in the absence of a carrying handle or even a protective flap; there really is not much to write home about concerning the Cambridge Minx Go’s design.

Sound Quality

With a high quality class-D amplifier incorporated within the Minx Go speakers, digital signal processing, and on-board digital to analogue converters, the sound quality of the Minx Go speakers is pretty impressive for the average user.

Further, there is the handy 5-speaker set up that tunes notes quite precisely. Crisp detail is achieved by the 2 titanium tweeters, stereo imaging is enhanced by the twin 2” woofer; and the rear-mounted Active Bass Radiator (ABR) creates deeps and lows that give the impression of a much bigger sound system.


best wireless speakersSize (W x H x D): 9.3” x 4.8” x 2.4” / 237 x 123 x 60mm

Weight: 2.4 lbs / 1.08kg

Woofers: 2” / 50mm each

Tweeters: 0.75” / 19mm each


  • 18h battery life
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • High quality class-D amplifier
  • USB charging port
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Acoustically damped construction, eliminating vibration and distortion
  • 5mm auxiliary port


User guide, travel pouch, Cambridge Minx Go speakers, AC adapter


  • Good Bluetooth reliability
  • 18h battery life
  • Has a USB port for charging your phone
  • Flip-out foot at the bottom offers better stability
  • Minimal styling and buttons
  • Full overall sound
  • Good volumetric space
  • Natural tones achieved. The bass is not distractingly loud


  • No waterproofing
  • No Wi-Fi
  • No Apt-X codec support


Consumer Ratings

The Cambridge Audio Minx Go speakers rank highly among users. For the quality of sound produced and the price at which the gadget comes, the ranking estimates an 8/10 placing it top of the shelf.


Price:  From $179.00

Of all the speakers in this price range, the Minx Go has proven to be among the best in the market and so it goes without saying that at that price, you are getting excellent value for money. It is not uncommon to find reviews that state the Minx Go has a sound quality that easily beats the higher priced competitors.


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