Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bose Soundlink Color BlackThe Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker has been a best seller over the holiday season. In fact Bose has had a fantastic year as they signed a huge contract with the NFL and coaches on the sideline only use Bose headsets. The SoundLink III line can be purchased with up to 7 different NFL logo’s printed on the speaker. See our SoundLink III Review. Bose has definitely positioned themselves to be a leader in the ever growing wireless speaker market, as they have several different offerings in different price ranges, and the Soundlink Color which was introduced just before the holiday season is the latest home run by Bose, read our Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker Review to see why.


Portable or Bookshelf

One of the strong and pleasant features of this mini speaker is how it feels in your hand. The Soundlink Color is intended to be portable. The shape allows for it to easily fit into a purse or backpack. Portable/small enough to placed just about anywhere for big sound. Sure you can place it the bookshelf as well, simplistic design will blend in, and you have color choices as well.

Power Source/Battery Life

This speaker will enjoy up to 8 hours of music from a single charge. You can also listen while it is charging. The unit charges with a micro USB port on the back of the speaker.

Wireless Standard: Bluetooth

Bose not advertise quality level of Bluetooth being usedSounlink Color Controls


Controls are across the top, are easy to use and are responsive. There are also voice prompts that are helpful, they can also be turned off if you find them annoying as some folks do. If you push the power button down for a few seconds you will see a battery strength light come on next to the power button. You can control volume, pause and play. The sync button as well for easy connecting to your device.

A neat design on the controls, if you were to listen in the dark and wanted to control the volume, as you slide your fingers on the rubber pad by the control buttons, you will feel raised dots next to the volume and down button….ok so we are impressed easily…it’s the little things… right? It would also keep you from pushing the power button instead of the volume control.

Soundlink Color Bottom


There is no speakerphone with this speaker… only

Ease of set-up

This speaker syncs easily and it will sync up to two devices at the same time, but only one at a time can play music. It also syncs up right away when turned on.

Stereo Separation

This is a mini wireless speaker and stereo separation is virtually non existent. Sound field is full, rich and surprisingly pleasant….

Wireless Range

As typical with most Bluetooth offerings this speaker works well up to 30′

Bose Soundlink Color Design

As mentioned this speaker is small, fits well in your hand, also has a thin rubber piece that is on both sides and on the bottom of the speaker for a firmer grip. The bottom also has four rubber legs for a firm grip on the surface to avoid the unit sliding when you crank it up, as it does vibrate a bit. The controls are on the top and easy to use. The speaker uses two drivers and a passive radiator. The speaker comes in several fun colors, mint, blue, black, white, and red.Bose soundlink inside

Sound Quality

As a mini-speaker frankly it is quite amazing. The clarity and warmth of the music is truly a wonder for such a small unit. This speaker does great with acoustic recordings, easy listening tracks. I’m listening to Joe Bonamassa’s live acoustic at the Viennea Opera House and the fullness and detail is very pleasing. This speaker also does well at higher volumes, no distortion. The only drawback I see is that at 50-75% volume the bass is rich, warm, just right for a small speaker, as you turn it up to full volume you lose the bass richness. But again for a mini-speaker the sound is fantastic and really to expect more from a mini-speaker is just not realistic in my opinion.


5.3″ H       bose soundlink color colors
5.0″ W
2.1″ D
Weight 1.25 Lbs.

Bose Soundlink Color Features

Voice Prompts: In several languages, can also turn off if desired   
Auxillary Input: can connect to other sources such as tablet, or MP3 player
Big Sound: You will be amazed at the quality and detail of the music that comes from this speaker.
Portable: Easy to take with you
Design: 5 colors to choose from
Smart: Speaker remembers up to 8 devices you have paired with, so reconnecting is easier


Wall ChargerSoundlink Color back
Cable 3′ USB on one end and micro on the other


Sound quality for a speaker this size is amazing, will also fill up a large room nicely, the design allows for easy travel, light, voice prompts are helpful


Battery life is average, also no weather proofing, no speakerphone

Bose Soundlink Color Consumer Reviews

Well in 6 months there have been over 850 Amazon customer reviews and the average is 4.8 out of 5 for a solid, very popular, and highly reviewed speaker. In my family alone three have been purchased, spanning 3 generations, and in three different colors The ease of use, fantastic sound, portability and the Bose name on the front, make for an easy buy. My experience echo’s the reviews in that the sound quality is what makes this speaker so well reviewed.


These speakers flew off the shelves during the holiday season, and for good reason. The sound quality is top notch, the design, colors and portability are appealing to most everyone. Mini-speakers are not supposed to sound this good. I think most folks trust the Bose brand, and it shows. Solid top of the line product for a fair price.


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You can also purchase carrying cases for the Soundlink Color, soft or harder to weatherproof and still listen.


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