Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III-New NFL Collection

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III-New NFL CollectionThe Bose SoundLink III Bluetooth Speaker is even more stylish with a few select NFL teams logos printed on the speaker, as part of the New NFL Collection. If you watch NFL football you know that Bose has partnered with the NFL as all head coaches on the sidelines are now wearing Bose headphones. The players have even been told not to be seen on the field with any other brand or face a possible fine. We have reviewed the Bose SoundLink III and like the NFL it is exceptional.

The team logo is on the front and back of the speaker. The rubber ring around the control area is also in a team color to accentuate the overall color scheme of the logo.

Currently there are 7 NFL teams in the collection. There are many Superbowl winners in this collection.




Bose SoundLink III- Dallas CowboysBose SoundLink III Cowboys Back

Bose SoundLink III Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys













Bose SoundLink III- NY Giants

Bose SoundLink III Giants

NY Giants












Bose SoundLink III- NY Jets

Bose SoundLink III Jets

NY Jets












Bose SoundLink III- Chicago Bears

Bose SoundLink III Bears

Chicago Bears












Bose SoundLink III-Seattle Seahawks

Bose SoundLink III Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks
















Bose SoundLink III-New England Patriots

Bose SoundLink III Patriots

New England Patriots
















Bose SoundLink III-Green Bay Packers

Bose SoundLink III Packers

Green Bay Packers













As a NFL fan this is truly awesome. These bluetooth wireless speakers by Bose are top of the line, and now even better sporting my favorite NFL team.

Just Click on the speaker above of your favorite team and it will take you to the current pricing being offered. Protection Status

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