Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III Review

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III ReviewBose is a privately owned corporation in MA, USA. Founded in 1964, Bose has for decades been producing huge sound in small speakers. The competition in much less time has been giving Bose all they can handle….until now. The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker III delivers what is most important, beautiful sound of music or better yet beautiful loud sound of music in a mobile wireless speaker. Please read our Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III Review to see why we like this wireless speaker so much.

bose soundlink bluetooth speaker III

Portable or Bookshelf,

This is made to be on the go, take it with you. Truly wireless, stylish design can easily pack and go. This speaker also has big sound, so you could certainly keep on the bookshelf, but we say take it with you.

Power Source/battery life

The new improvements include a longer battery life, now up to 14 hours, which rivals that of the Big Jambox. This battery takes approximately three hours to fully charge.

There is also a car charger accessory that can be purchased separately that can allow you to charge your speaker in the car, on the go.

This comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. If and when the battery should need to be replaced, the list of Bose locations that can take care of that for you are supplied in the owners manual. (This usually costs around $60)

If the speaker is connected to a device, but not playing music for 30 minutes, it will shut down to conserve battery power. When the speaker is unplugged and unused for more than 24 days it enters battery protection mode to preserve battery power. To reactivate, simply connect it to the AC power.

Wireless Standard: Bluetooth

The industry standard is Bluetooth, and if you have paired a device using Bluetooth, you know the overall quality is not great, this is where Bose excels, using Bose’s technology to enhance the music quality.

Bluetooth is the technology that wirelessly streams, in this case music from one device (smartphone) to another(wireless speaker).

This allows you to pair your speaker with any device, smartphone, computer, laptop, ipod, ipad that uses Bluetooth.

This also means that any music you currently listen to on your device, whether it is your digital music library, internet radio, or paid services like XM Sirius Radio, Pandora, or Spotify to name a few if you are paired to this speaker you will be able to listen to these as well.

bose soundlink bluetooth speaker III


Easy to use contols

Power Button: Speaker attempts to connect to the last connected device when turned on. On battery power, pushing this button and holding will light up the battery status light on the front

Bluetooth Button: This is used to pair the speaker with a Bluetooth device.

Aux Button: Press to use when using the Aux connector

Mute Button: Mute Sound

Volume up and Volume Down Button

There are also indicator lights on the front, one for Bluetooth, blinking blue if the unit is discoverable, blinking white for connecting, and solid white light when connected. One for when the Aux connection is being used. One that blinks when sound is muted. One for battery status or for charging staus.

The back of the speaker has the aux in, power in, and USB port.

There is no remote and no real need for one as you can control everything from your device such as volume and play lists.


No speaker phone with this unit, but the Big Jambox does have speakerphone capabilities.

Ease of Set-up

Very easy, The first time you turn on your speaker it is ready to pair up to your device, The Bluetooth Indicator will blink blue to show it is discoverable. You then turn the Bluetooth on at your device you are pairing with, in a few seconds you are paired and listening to music.

Stereo Separation

Stereo separation is merely the separation of sounds through a right and  left speaker. When listening to a performance you may hear the drums through the right speaker and the guitar from the left speaker, this separation mimics the spatial separation within the studio where the music is recorded. Yes you can enjoy stereo sound from this speaker, however is not as wide as two separate speakers that are placed apart from each other.

Wireless Range

The Bluetooth range is 30 feet. That is the range between your device and the speaker, anything within that range allows for good quality streaming without music drop off or interruption.

bose soundlink bluetooth speaker III

Bose SoundLink III Design

The design is very cool. The curved edges are eye pleasing, it is thin, sleek, easy to slip into a bag or backpack for sure. The design makes this unit easier to carry than some other wireless speakers. This unit looks good by itself, even better with the leather cover that is surely a must have accessory and you can get them in 5 different colors, Gray, Blue, Green, Red, or Pink. These speakers are also built to last, are rugged and made to be on the go. Bose puts them through severe testing for durability.

The speaker uses the same speaker design as in earlier models, four neodymium transducers and dual-opposing passive radiators, but the difference in this offering is that the afore mentioned is combined with a new digital signal processing algorithm and improved electronics to be able to play louder than the earlier models. This new technology also allows for more pure, more natural sound at higher volumes as well. This is a lot of information from a company that doesn’t usually indulge very much about what is inside the speaker box, often citing proprietary info in the speaker.

Neodymium transducers: These are very high quality, low weight,  they allow for the music to sound great at high power. Neodymium is a very specialized magnet. You get your mid and high frequencies from these.

Dual-opposing passive radiators: A passive radiator reduces movement in the speaker while at the same time producing low frequency or nice rich Bass. With the radiators opposite each other the vibrations from one cancel the other out, but produce big Bass in the process.

This speaker should be enjoyed standing upright and sound does come from both the front and back.

note: (this applies to most speakers, but these instructions appear in the manual for you to get the most out of your Soundlink III) The tonal quality can change depending on where speaker is placed indoors, or how far away you are listening outdoors. It is designed to sound best when placed higher than ground level, should be 2′ to 4′ high. For best Bass response you should place rear or speaker near a wall, but not touching the wall, move to your preference. If you tuck it in a tight space on the counter, it may affect sound quality.

Sound Quality

Bose certainly delivers with this fantastic upgrade over the Soundlink II. It is louder, and the music is full, rich, and pleasing to the ear at all volume levels. We think the sound quality here is what will have this unit outselling it’s competitors, if that is what the consumer is looking for.


Height: 5.18 in
Width: 10.08 in
Depth 1.89 in
Weight 3.03 lbs

bose soundlink bluetooth speaker III

SoundLink Bluetooth III Features

Silicone Button Panel: protects from dirt and dust, keeping that clean new look.

Aux Input: 3.5 mm standard headphone jack, allows you to easily hook this speaker to any device, some less modern devices as well, but you may need certain adapters. You could even hook this up to a TV if desired.

USB port: This is for software updates to keep Bluetooth technology current. Note: The USB port is for upgrades only, you cannot use it to charge your devices.

Optional 12V Car charger: Just another way to stay mobile and an opportunity to charge the battery in your Soundlink III to keep you in power, so you can keep enjoying the music. The other nice feature to this car charger is that you can also charge your device as well.


Compact power adapter H 3.8 in x W 1.8 in x D 1.1 in with a 54 inch cord. This small design makes this easy to take with you as needed.


Longer battery life, designed for easy transport, Improved big quality sound, totally wireless, can take wireless speaker anywhere can now charge devices with optional car battery charger


speaker cover extra cost, soundlink II came with cover, cannot use USB cable to recharge your device, but car charger option will let you charge your device, no remote, but you really don’t need one, the upgrade in sound quality more than makes up for not having a remote.bose soundlink bluetooth speaker III

Bose SoundLink III Consumer Reviews

This is the third version of Bose SoundLink, with added improvements with each go around. SoundLink I and SoundLink II Enjoy fantastic reviews, and the things that were commented on like poor battery life were certainly fixed in this offering. The optional car charger also extends it’s portability, and you can use this charger to charge your devices, this was one of the bigger complaints in prior models,  The design also improved, and the sound quality is so good with this speaker it is sure to get more strong reviews and distance itself from competitors in the sound quality area.


The price is a bit more than competitors with similar features, but it is expected. Bose is a solid brand, this is the third update since the first Bose SoundLink in 2009. Bose is known for big sound in small speakers and they certainly do that here. They also make it easier to be on the move with this version. You want the best you pay for the best…right? We feel this is a fair price and totally recommend the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth  Speaker III

Bose of course feels the same way as they offer a full 30 day refund if you are not happy with your SoundLink III, simply return it.

**You can now get your Bose SoundLink with a NFL Team Logo printed on the speaker**

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bose soundlink bluetooth wireless speaker

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