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Bluetooth Wireless Ear Buds and Headphones

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Are you worried about what to do when you can no longer hook up your head phones and ear buds through the headphone jack?  Are you affected by Apples’ decision to remove the headphone jack from the latest release of the iPhone 7?

Well, you don’t need to be worried.  Instead, all you need to do is have a look at the excellent range of Bluetooth wireless ear buds and headphones that are available on the market.


These devices are extremely small, extremely portable, and provide awesome sound technology right when you need it the most.  No matter if you are commuting to work or school, or whether you are doing a training routine, or even if you are in the shower!


There is a Bluetooth wireless sound option that suits your every need!

You will not believe the level of technology you can buy for such a low price.  These Bluetooth wireless ear buds even come with noise cancelling technology, which means you can very effectively block out distractions around you while you listen to music, get in the exercise groove, or simply relax on the commute to work or school.

No matter whether you prefer Apple or Android, you can very easily hook up the latest technology Bluetooth wireless devices with a touch of a button.  It is very easy to connect these Bluetooth wireless devices to your smartphone, or to your laptop, or to your MP3 music player, the options are very flexible!

Even better, you can buy a unit with a built in microphone so that can take calls on your smartphone even when you are in the middle of an intense session.


No more wires, cables, tangles or hassles

And you are the winner with no more hassles with wires and cabling, no more tangles in your ear buds, and no more getting tied up in your hair!  You get complete freedom with a range around 10 meters or so from your phone.  These latest little devices are even sweat-proof or splash proof, so that you can go outside, you can take a long run, there is no restriction on your audio requirements.

If running or jogging is your thing, then be sure to check out the custom designed ear buds and attachments that fit around your ear, to give you confidence to stride out, without losing connection with your music.  These ear buds are extremely lightweight, so they will not distract you from performing at your peak, but they do pump out excellent audio quality, even under the most extreme physical activity.


Simply Awesome Audio Experience

If you want simply stunning audio quality and be able to take your music with you when you travel, then you will really appreciate the quality audio delivered by this cutting edge Bluetooth wireless technology.  These Bluetooth wireless speakers are all about freedom to move, and it is all about convenience with quality. You can enjoy all your favourite tracks, and immerse yourself in the sound of wireless music with the very best in wireless Bluetooth technology.


Freedom to Move

Technology is great, and now you are free to move with your music wherever you want to go.  No more hassles and inconvenience of cables and wires.  No more ear buds that get all sweaty and keep falling out; there is a solution to suit everybody.  Just the pure sound of wireless music!

The best part is that despite the small size of these ear buds and headphones, they still have plenty of power and battery life.  Most of these little devices have enough battery life to keep you going all day, and all you need to do is recharge when you get back home.


Summary – Bluetooth wireless ear buds and headphones

The most impressive thing about these incredible little devices is the amount of technology packed into such a small device!  You get incredible sound quality with beats quality sound, booming base and excellent mid range.  As if that wasn’t enough, you can also buy noise cancelling technology which shuts out the outside world, but also enhances the music of your choice, which runs free and clear into your ear buds.

You can also choose to buy a wireless Bluetooth system that lets you listen and speak on your smartphone with a built in microphone.

And this is the secret to using a wireless Bluetooth speaker system either through ear buds or headphones, because they allow you to keep up with your daily routine, whilst not missing out on a single thing.  These wireless Bluetooth devices are sweat-proof, splash-proof, workout-proof and gym proof!  No matter how intense you choose to push it, they won’t fall out or pull from the wires or get tangled in your hair.

AND you get the best quality audio and sound of wireless music!


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Hussar Magicbuds IPX4

  • Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

  • Premium Sound with Bass

  • Noise Cancelling, comes with Microphone

  • Sweatproof Ergonomic Design

  • 7 Hours  Battery time

Lesoom Mini Surround Sound Earbuds

  • Invisible Truly Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

  • Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headset

  • Suitable for all Smartphones, with Microphone

Ansin Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headset

  • Superb HD Stereo Sound with deep Bass

  • Voice Dialing Noise Cancelling Earphones

  • Snug fit – In ear Earbuds for sports fans



TREBLAB XR100 Wireless Ear Buds

  • Best Wireless Headphones
  • Suitable for Running or Gym Workout
  • True Surround Sound
  • Sweat Proof and snug fit
  • up to 9 Hour Battery Life


Syllable D900S Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

Sweatproof Sport Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headsets comes complete with Microphone and Charging Station.


Simger Beats Wireless

Bluetooth Sports EarBuds.

  • Sweatproof Portable Stereo Ear Buds. 

  • Lightweight Earbuds With Microphone.

  • Suitable for all Bluetooth devices!


TaoTronics Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

  • Magnetic Earbuds

  • Stereo Earphones

  • Secure Fit for Sports

  • Suitable for all Smartphones with Built-in Mic

Samsung Gear IconX

  • Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds

  • Completely Cordfree

  • Wireless Fitness EarBuds

  • with Activity Monitor Protection Status

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