Bluetooth Adapter For Speakers

Bluetooth Adapters for SpeakersWhat is a bluetooth adapter for speakers and why would I want or need one?

A bluetooth adapter for speakers is a handy rather inexpensive device that will allow you play music from your devices such as cellphone, tablet, or even your computer through your existing music system. So you can keep enjoying those older 80 pound Infinity Series Crescendo’s

Bluetooth is how the music is compressed and transmitted from your device to the adapter. The adapter is powered, runs on AC and it plugs in to your stereo system, one of the line in ports, an Aux IN, even a TV, or Video line in if the slot is available.

The pairing process usually takes just seconds and you can listen to whatever digital music library you have stored in your phone, tablet, or computer.

If you listen to any of the internet radio feeds, it can also be used to listen on your existing system. Spotify or even itunes radio are two examples. As long as the device is connected, whatever you are listening to on your device will play through your music system.

Bluetooth Adapters for Speakers are Much Cheaper Than Replacing or Upgrading Your System

If you are like many folks you are quite content with your nice home theater set-up, or perhaps you have some expensive nice sounding tower speakers that you have no desire to replace. Your system may be already wired for great sound. The point is you just want to enjoy what you already have and the bluetooth adapter for speakers simply acts as a bridge. It is much cheaper to add the adapter vs buying new speakers.

Another place we use one is in our work out room. We have an older receiver with a nice pair of older speakers with great sound. We just don’t like to work out with headphones on and now we don’t have to. We have a bluetooth adapter on that stereo and we can listen to the workout music of our choice from Spotify, or from the music library in our device….the choice is ours.

By adding the bluetooth adapter it keeps the older equipment relevant, no need to toss it, as it still works fine and the sound is fantastic.

The technology has improved as the bluetooth range has improved from 30 to 50 feet, and you now can pair more than one device at the same time.

The prices have also gotten even better as well making these a fairly easy decision to purchase.

We highly recommend the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter for speakers

bluetooth adapter for speakers









bluetooth adapter for speakers






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