Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Under 50

There is a huge range of fantastic little portable speakers on the market, so let’s take a look at the best wireless bluetooth speaker under $50.  In an age of miniaturization, one of the most stunning examples of devices that punch well above their weight is the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.  No only have speakers become miniaturized, but they have also become much more amenable to use.  This means that you and I get the benefits, such as:best wireless bluetooth speaker under 50

  • Incredible sound output
  • Wireless technology means no more cables and leads
  • Bluetooth technology for excellent transmission
  • Portable and flexible
  • Connect up multiple speakers
  • Lightweight, easy to use, beautiful to listen to

Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Under $50

There are lots of different types of wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market, and there is a wide range of choices under $50.  This means you can be assured of finding something that works perfectly for your requirements, and it won’t have to break the bank.

These excellent little speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they can match any décor.  They come in a wide range of colors and configuration, so you can always find exactly the right match for your home or apartment.  Some manufacturers even produce interchangeable covers so that you can change the color whenever it suits your mood.


Here are our picks for the best wireless Bluetooth speaker under $50:


Oontz Angle Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best wireless bluetooth speaker under 50

       Oontz Angle by Cambridge

Despite the strange sounding name, these fantastic wireless Bluetooth speakers are very popular, and come in a range of different sizes and shapes to suit just about everybody!  There is the Oontz Angle (pictured) and there is also the Oontz Curve (below), both of which are very well priced under $50.  But make no mistake, these wireless Bluetooth speakers are not short of performance!

The Oontz Angle is a popular choice because it is small and compact which means it is convenient to take with you whenever you travel to work or to a party.  You can simply slip this little speaker into your carry bag or even your pocket, and just go!

Best wireless bluetooth speaker under 50

                Oontz Curve

Even though the Oontz speakers are very small and compact, there is no compromise on sound quality, and these Bluetooth wireless speakers pump out an excellent sound range, especially through the mid range.


Both the Oontz Angle and the Oontz curve come in a range of bright colors, and there is bound to one that is just right for you!

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JBL Flip 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The cleverly designed JBL Flip 2 wireless Bluetooth speaker is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle, when you want to be on the go, and you want to take your music with you.  Better still these speakers by JBL are splashproof, which makes them perfect for the beach or the pool.

Best wireless bluetooth speaker under 50

This little speaker is renowned for being big on volume, despite being small in size.  It comes in all sorts of colors, from bright yellow, blue and red, as well as the more conservative black and white which fits in more easily with your home décor.

The JBL Flip was designed with stereo in mind, and there is an adequate stereo separation with this speaker to produce a noticeable stereo effect, despite the small size.  JBL have also used “SoundClear” technology which acts as a filter to remove echoes and outside noises, to produce a clear and clean sound.

The JBL Flip also comes with a built in microphone which allows you use in speakerphone mode to take calls via your smartphone.  Needless to say, sound quality is excellent.

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JBL Clip Micro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best wireless bluetooth speaker under 50

                           JBL Clip

Just to stay with JBL speaker for a moment, we just can’t go past this great little micro wireless speaker the JBL Clip Micro.  Produced in a wide variety of colors from vibrant purple, green, yellow and blue, the most attractive feature of this speaker is the fact that it is designed to clip onto your belt, bag strap, bike or beach buggy!  The JBL Clip Micro was designed to be portable, so that you can take it running, exercising, or just relaxing at the beach or pool.

Despite the compact micro size, the sound quality will really surprise you.  And that means you will enjoy using the JBL Clip micro wherever you go, as you will be able to impress your friends, and I bet that they will want one too!

This unit comes at a great price, at under $50.


Photive CYREN II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best wireless bluetooth speaker under 50
The Photive CYREN II is a waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker that has been designed to produce perfect sound, even in the worst environment.  This ruggedised little speaker is not only waterproof, but it is also shockproof and dustproof, which means it can handle a little rough treatment and still produce quality sound, no matter where you choose to take it.

That means the Photive CYREN II is more than capable of going camping , hiking, playing at the beach, music in the bathroom, and partying at the beach.  It has been built tough enough, but also portable so that it is perfectly suited to travelling, commuting, or simply carrying around the house.

The Photive CYREN II wireless bluetooth speaker can quickly and easily connect up with whatever Bluetooth device you like, including your laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone.


VOXOOM Wireless Mini-Speaker

Best wireless bluetooth speaker under 50

   Voxoom wireless mini-speaker

The VOXOOM mini-speaker is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that really stands out form the crowd.  It is defined by truly spectacular sound, with a nice wide stereo separation, and deep true sounding bass delivery.  This is always a sticking point with very small speakers, but with VOXOOM, you are getting what you are really after.

Even though the VOXOOM wireless mini speaker looks like a very compact unit, it produces sound more like a much larger speaker.  This is because it has been designed with stereo output as the key feature, and you can really become immersed in the depth of sound that this speaker delivers.

All the way from quiet, clear sound quality and up to full volume, this speaker is not affected by distortion, and can deliver rumbling bass, as well as excellent mid range.  Priced under $100, you will be amazed at the sound quality and delivery from such a well priced unit.

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Jam XT Extreme Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best wireless bluetooth speaker under 50

Jam XT Extreme

The Jam XT Extreme Bluetooth wireless speaker is a very compact and very portable little speaker and can be taken to nearly any location or simply played all around your home.  It has an eye catching round shape which is extremely portable and can fit into any type of bag, purse or even in your pocket.

The Jam XT Extreme is described as drop proof, splash proof and dust proof, so that pretty much covers you for all types of outdoor and indoor requirements.  It is called extreme for extreme fun, and this means it is constrained only by your own imagination.  Coming in a wide range of colors, the Jam XT can carry a charge for up to 12 hours, so you can be guaranteed of non stop music all day long.

It has a simple to use design with the control buttons on the front, a very loud speaker blasting sound out the top, and a fold out clip that kicks out when you need it, but it hidden away when you don’t. This means you can sit it on top of your desk, or anywhere in your home or office and get high quality musical performance. Never mind the small size of the Jam XT Extreme, as looks can be deceiving, and the sound quality from this wireless Bluetooth device is quite remarkable.

The Jam XT Extreme wireless Bluetooth speaker can be purchased for well under $50 – click here to buy from Amazon.



Whether you want the best wireless Bluetooth speaker for your bedroom, your living room, or to take to the beach, there is a design, and color, or sound option that is just right for you.

And that is the great opportunity for all of us, to buy a relatively cheap wireless bluetooth speaker for under $50, with all of the output of a much larger device.  With so many great options to choose from, and so many different options to suit your individual requirements, you will have no trouble finding the best portable speaker that suits you perfectly.

Even better, we have brought you a selection of the best wireless bluetooth speakers under $50, and they all sound great! Protection Status


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