Best Portable Wireless Speakers

Best portable wireless speakersOut of the hundreds of models, what or who makes the best portable wireless speakers? That is a great question, but one only you can answer for yourself. Given that a “portable wireless speaker” is such a broad definition and as such has a wide range of consumer options that you can pretty much choose whatever those options need to be, to allow for you to actually purchase and own one of the best portable wireless speakers.

The Best Portable Wireless Speakers Are Made to Travel

Portability: These speakers can weigh as light as 6 ounces to as much as 5 pounds. The shapes are all over the place as well, some are shaped like a water bottle so you can easily use an existing water bottle holder in your car or bicycle. Some are shaped much like a textbook so it will easily fit into a book bag. Some have clips so you can hook on to a backpack, or handles built right in to the speaker.

What does portable mean to you? Do you want to take your speaker to a party, the pool, camping, or do you just want to take it from your desk to the kitchen.

The Logitech UE BOOM is very portable




The Polk Audio Camden Square is moved to the desk

The Best Portable Wireless Speakers Have Long Battery Life

Battery Life: The battery life keeps getting better, most models start out at say 6 hours and go all the way up to 40 hours of continuous play before a charge is needed. Some speakers can act as a battery charger to charge your devices if needed. There are even some models with solar panels built in for even longer life away from the power grid. Given your lifestyle and where you might be headed, battery life can be an important option.

The Fugoo Tough Sports one of the longest battery lives.

Fugoo Tough Controls






The Best Portable Wireless Speakers Come in Many Different Designs

Rugged Build: What are you going to do with your speaker? Some speakers are built to be waterproof, can float, and can be submersed into water. Some are dust and dirt proof, and some are shock resistant. They are built for all types of environments.

The Braven BRV-1 is Waterproof

Braven waterproof wireless speaker






Speakerphone: Yes some of these even come with hands free, phone capabilities

Colors: Some models you can choose up to 9 colors, some allow for mixing and matching of colors. There are also camouflage designs, pinks, blues, purples…you name it! You really have choices depending on the model of the speaker.

Bluetooth: All models have Bluetooth, some use NFC for easy pairing, there are also different types of Bluetooth such as aptX that enhances the digital audio for more CD like audio quality. Most also have Aux In to be used without Bluetooth if needed.

The Best Portable Wireless Speakers excel In Beautiful Sounds

Music Quality: This is the widest feature range, as you can get speakers with one speaker to true music systems with powered amps, digital processing, two to six drivers, sub woofers, and passive radiators. You can get stereo sound, 3D sound, omni directional sound, and some have 3.1 sound signatures. So as you can imagine some of these models have fantastic sound that is simply amazing.

The Beautiful Sounding Definitive Technology Cube

Definitive Technology Cube Bluetooth Wireless Speaker







Best Price/Value Portable Wireless Speakers

Price: As you would expect the prices are also a huge range. We are talking about a speaker after all and the better sounding speakers are in the $100 and up range, however there are some gems to found at lower prices.

We love the Deal Currently being offered on the Creative Sound Blaster ROAR

Creative Sound Blaster ROAR






There are some real durable, well made speakers that are great for pre-teens that can take a beating in the $50 range as well.

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We also gave you some models to look at that have some of the best features, just click on the pictures for more info.

As you can see there are many choices, many options to finding that best portable wireless speaker, heck I have had many “bests” but as the technology changes and the quality improves a favorite can easily be replaced. Protection Status

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