Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Best Outdoor Wireless SpeakersWe want to be consistent in our assertion that choosing the best outdoor wireless speaker is very much identical to the way you would choose the best portable wireless speakers. The best is only known to you and what you are looking for to suit your needs.

There are so many different manufactures, shapes, sizes, colors, varying degrees of waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. The battery life can be very different in each model. The speakers each come designed a different way for sound quality, mono, stereo, 3D sound, omni directional, 360 degree sound are some examples. They come with drivers, subwoofers, passive radiators, or any combo of just one, two, or all three components, and from just one speaker to perhaps eight, some powered by amps, some with digital processing, as you can see there are many possibilities to what my be inside your speaker. Some may even have speakerphone capabilities.

Your best outdoor speaker may be an inexpensive model that is perfect for hanging inside your tent, or just being wherever you are, hanging off your backpack or bike. It may need to be very small and weatherproof.

You might want a speaker that can stay by the pool, on the patio, or in the backyard, it may need some power to fill your big yard with music, and it may need to be able to withstand the weather. Is a long battery life important?

Your outside activities may just be in the garage, or just grilling, so your speaker may not need to be weather resistant, but you do want the phone feature.

You want to carry your speaker in the boat without fear of it getting ruined, some models float, some can be submerged without worry.

You on a construction job, need a tough wireless speaker that can take a beating and still sound great.

I could go on and on….You have options, great features, some truly fantastic sounding speakers and something for all prices. You can just about custom order whatever it is that you need for your speaker to be the best outdoor wireless speaker……for you!

We put together a list of what we would consider to be the best outdoor wireless speakers based on what WE need to make them the best.



Soundcast MelodyBest Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Soundcast has a fantastic product line for outdoor wireless speakers and we love the smallest speaker they make called Soundcast Melody. This speaker has won many awards and deservedly so.

What Makes Soundcast Melody my best outdoor wireless speaker

Design: We like the carry handle for easy transport.
This speaker has 4 speaker drivers and 4 bass radiators, amplified power to produce an omni directional sound field
The controls are easy to use and you can control the functions from the speaker vs your music source if needed.

Battery life: Up to 20 hours on a single charge is fantastic

Sound Quality: At 9 lbs this unit feels hefty, and you almost feel like given the heft it is going to crank the music and it surely does. It will fill a large room or a backyard with beautiful music at all volumes. If you are serious about the quality of your music, this speaker delivers. Nice solid bass, midrange and highs near perfect and you know how food taste better outdoors, well this speaker makes music sound better outdoors.

Weather Resistant: You can leave this in the rain, and it is safe by the pool, can take the heat of the sun.Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Bluetooth: Supports aptX and AAC quality codes, for clearer digital audio

Price: One of the most expensive, but the price is coming down a bit. Has fantastic sound, rugged, hefty yet portable, long in battery life, excellent customer reviews, This speaker excels in most all of it’s features, not many other speakers can say that.

Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers






Fugoo ToughBest Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Fugoo has a unique design that allows the user to choose the Jacket that covers the core. You can choose Style, Sport, or Tough. It is a rugged, futuristic design on the outside, that covers the music producing sweetness on the inside.

What Makes Fugoo Tough my best outdoor wireless speaker

Design: light at 1.5 lbs, easy to carry, three mounting or carrying options, rugged, this speaker is waterproof, can be submerged, can take a beating. Also comes with a remote. Comes in Black or Silver
360 degree sound signature coming from 2 tweeter drivers, 2 mid/woofer drivers and 2 passive bass radiators. The sound is amplified using digital processing for detailed crisp sounding music that is also backed up with good bass sound.

Battery Life: The Best at 40 hours

Sound Quality: Fantastic Sounding Speaker, very little to no distortion at higher volumes, clear and the 360 degree sound is pleasing.

Weather Resistant: IP67 Great rating-waterproofBest Outdoor Wireless Speakers


Price: Has everything you want or need in an outdoor speaker including a very long battery life. This is priced as it should be due to the great sound, plus every feature you would expect in the tough department.

Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers



Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Outdoor Tech’s Turtle Shell 2.0 is yet another unique outdoor favorite. It is supposed to resemble a turtle shell, we say it looks like a gem, and it comes in many different color options. (up to 8)

What makes The Turtle Shell 2.0 my best outdoor wireless speaker.

Design: There is no other like it, turtle shell or gem like, it is unique and very functional as the design allows the speaker to make the music omni directional for a wide music soundstage.
Has two drivers and a passive radiator, is also loud at 96 decibels. Speakerphone
Can easily carry, comes with a bag, camera thread for mounting, plus a metal leash clip for more mounting options, light at 10oz
Comes in many colors,

Battery life: Very strong at 16 hours

Sound Quality: loud, and the music is clear mid to high ranges are superb, bass is ok, overall very nice, and given the size and number of drivers you can’t expect much more than what this speaker can do as far as bass goes.

Bluetooth: aptX for high quality digital audioBest Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Weather Resitant: IP65 which is a good rating, can handle a good rain shower or splashes. The rubber coating is also a nice protection from drops and bumps

Price: This is a fun little wireless speaker, design is cool, battery life is awesome, it gets great reviews and is priced reasonably well for such a durable speaker.

We also like very much the Big Turtle Shell, which is newer, bigger at 2.5 lbs, better sounding and can act as a power bank to charge your devices, also with NFC pairing. Currently approx $100 more than it’s older and smaller sibling.

Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers







Ivation Bike Beacon

This is a pure gem and super feature rich little speaker that is so handy. This speaker screams outdoors. For some may seem a bit to novel, but it is a handy speaker.

What makes The Ivation Bike Beacon my best outdoor wireless speaker

Design: Very light at just under 6oz. Comes with a wrist/hanging strap, bike mount.
It also has a light, high/low setting plus SOS.
Comes with a FM radio built in, miniSD card reader so leave your device home, also has a siren. Can also take phone calls.
Has a rugged feel to it and it can be carried easily. Controls are easy to use. Comes in a few different colors.

Battery Life: 4 hours

Sound Quality: for a mini speaker, this little unit has very surprising, pleasing stereo sound.Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers
Weather Resistant: Does not have any specific IP rating, but is rugged
Price: Very reasonable given all the neat features and portability, good sound, gets near perfect reviews. Great for bikers or for campers who need to travel light.

Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers




This is just a very small sampling of what is available.

Did you know you could now turn your Bose SoundLink or your Jawbone Big Jambox into a best outdoor wireless speaker with this neat accessory?

Many of the waterproof wireless speakers can easily become a best outdoor wireless speaker favorite.

Now sure there are rock speakers, and also paired outdoor wireless speakers, that are great products, for us right now, our best outdoor wireless speakers are portable….again the choice is yours.

You can shop knowing it is truly a buyers market, be picky and have fun. You can have it all, great features and fantastic full, big, beautiful sounds of music. When you find your best outdoor wireless speaker you will know what features/sound made it your top choice. Protection Status



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