Beats Pill+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Beats Pill PLUS Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Beats Pill PLUS Bluetooth Wireless Speaker ReviewHere at Sound of Wireless Music, we are always on the lookout for the latest sounds and the best wireless speakers.  And we like our music loud, clean and clear.  Well it doesn’t get any better than the Beats Bluetooth wireless speaker – the beautiful little Beats Pill+.  The best thing about Bluetooth wireless speakers is not only the sound, but also the incredibly small size.  The Beats Pill Plus is yet another stunning design for those who love big sound from a small speaker – we just love that combination!

The Beats Electronics company have released the Beats Pill+ speaker, which was named by no less than Dr. Dre himself.  This is a by line about ‘Just what the Dr. ordered’ and apparently the Dr. ordered a Pill Plus to play music and make us feel better!

The Beats Pill+ is just what the Dr. ordered

Beats Pill Plus Bluetooth wireless speaker

Just the appearance by itself is enough to make us feel better, and the Beats Pill+ is just the medicine that we need.  It comes in an attractive pill shaped package, and stand out colors red, white and black.  But the best part is on the inside, with four internal sound drivers with wonderful integrated layering of bass, treble and mid range sounds.  This wonderful design and multi faceted sound drivers make this little speaker sound much bigger than it really is.  The Beats Pill Plus by Dr. Dre can pump out a terrific balanced sound, and you can turn up the volume with no distortion that you would normally expect from such a small package.

The Beats Pill+ is a revolutionary wireless speaker because it allows you to connect with a simple tap of the finger.  The simple controls provide connectivity to your smartphone, laptop or mobile device and can stream clear and wonderful sound all around your house.

How much does the Beats Pill+ cost?

All of this smart technology comes packaged in a neat and compact unit that is sure to impress your friends.  At around the $200 mark, this is an affordable wireless speaker that will blow your mind.  You can buy the Beats Pill Plus wireless speaker which is available through the Amazon superstore, where you get quick delivery and a safe return policy in case something goes wrong.

Beats is sounding great with the Beats Pill Plus

Beats Pill Plus Bluetooth wireless speaker review

The Beats music brand is growing stronger and stronger with the introduction of fantastic technology such as the Beats Pill+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.  The Beats Pill+ is leading the way in terms of making entertainment easier to stream and making your leisure time more fun and simple to enjoy.  You can now have the music of your choice streamed in loud and clear wireless technology right around your whole house.

Beast Pill+ wireless speaker is small in size but big in sound

Don’t be fooled by the size of the Beast Pill+ wireless speaker, because it is only small, but it is also pretty big, if you know what I mean!  The very best wireless speakers offer the best sound quality in the smallest packages, and the Beats Pill Plus certainly achieves meets these lofty criterion.

The Beats Pill+ Bluetooth wireless speaker is simply awesome

Beats Pill+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

With excellent audio quality, and compact size, the Beats Pill+ wireless speaker is bound to impress.  You can choose to be elegant and understated with neutral color choice to match your décor, or you can go all out and stand out from the crowd.  Whatever your choice in music, the Beats Pill wireless speaker is the right medicine to make you feel better every day!

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