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Pure Jongo S3 wireless speaker reviewHow does a Wireless Speaker System Work?

Do you have music or videos stored on your smart phone, that you love to listen to?  Do you keep you music on some other portable device, or even on your laptop or computer?  How good are the speakers on your device?  Not many laptops come with the best speakers, so we tend to look for options such as ear buds or headphones.  Do you find that ear buds offer a fantastic way to listen to music, but you can’t use them for a long time?  Do you use headphones for your audio pleasure, but you find that the cables keep getting tangled up all the time?  Do you find that whilst it is polite to keep your music private at certain times like the commute to work or school, but when you get home, it is much more enjoyable to play music through the best wireless speaker?

Think outside the Box!

How good are the speakers on your TV?  Do you remember the days of surround sound systems for your home cinema?  The amount of wiring that had to be plumbed into the room and hardwired to each device was a liability.  Well, with the latest digital technology such as Bluetooth, some televisions provide Bluetooth connection options which mean you can simply place your portable wireless speaker anywhere in the room you like, and you have an instant surround sound cinematic experience.  When you are finished and want to go outside, simply pick up your Bluetooth wireless system and out you go – connect the same speaker to a different device, and the audio just keeps coming!

This is where a wireless speaker system can change your life!

Nova Wireless Speaker SystemSome of the latest technology and best wireless speakers are simply incredible in terms of awesome sound quality, but unlike the bad old days when speakers systems almost filled your room, these new speakers are very small in size.  That’s right, no longer do you compromise on sound quality when you reduce the size of the speaker, and these latest technology wireless speakers have to be heard to be believed, and even then you will find it incredible that such a deep bass and clear high range can emanate from such small devices.

Better still, now you can position your speakers wherever you want to have music or audio, without having to rearrange cabling and wires all around your house.  In fact, as long as you stay in range of the WiFi system, you can move your speakers with absolute freedom anywhere around your house, and even a reasonable distance outside as well.  But that is not the limit of the versatility of the best wireless speakers.  If you find yourself out of range, you can also stream music or audio from your mobile device, which means you can literally have your device in your pocket and the wireless speaker in your hand, and the music keeps playing!

But are they portable?Best Portable Wireless Speakers

That is the big winner with the latest technology in the best wireless speaker systems, as they are incredibly lightweight, and small in size, and because they do not rely on cable connections, they are built to be portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go.  If you keep your music on your smart phone, then it is a very simple task to take a miniature sized speaker with you either to the park, the beach, or even to the office, or anywhere you want to go!

How do wireless speakers connect?

The best wireless speakers come with a variety of connectivity options, and are extremely versatile.  It is best to look for wireless speakers that have multiple options for connecting to your devices, since you may like to use your phone when you are away from home, or your computer when you are at home, and each of your favorite devices may have different connectivity requirements.  But the connection is basically a wireless radio-frequency connection between the transmitting device, and the receiving speaker device.  Here are some of the options to look out for:

  • The best wireless speakers come with Bluetooth connectivity, which is a great way to enjoy all of the multi media that you have available on your smart phone, or any other Bluetooth devices that you use for your music pleasure.
  • Most homes use WiFi for their networking requirements, in order to connect to the internet and peripheral devices around the home.  The best wireless speakers should be able to connect into your existing WiFi system at home.
  • Airplay is the Apple proprietary connectivity system whereby you can connect a wireless speaker directly to an Apple device.

That is why they are called Bluetooth Wireless Speakers!

With the best wireless Bluetooth speakers, you get the best of both worlds!  To really get the benefit of a truly portable speaker system, it is best to have both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity (as well as Airplay if you choose to connect to Apple devices).

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers come in all shapes and sizes

Best Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerMost of the attention seems to center on the miniature sized wireless speakers, because they provide a showcase of the incredible audio technology that is available in the market today.  However, Bluetooth wireless speakers are available in all shapes and sizes from the mini portable devices up to the larger models that provide a sound quality that would make the professionals blush!  Bluetooth Wireless Speakers don’t have to be portable, it is simply that miniaturization technology has shrunk speakers to an almost ridiculous size.

If you still prefer to have a booming bass level that shakes the room, you can have that, AND choose a wireless speaker solution.  These Bluetooth wireless speakers certainly give your more options, and make your choices much easier for all your audio requirements.

The point of the discussion is that the audio output has not changed. If anything, the audio and sound quality of modern speaker has increased markedly with the advent of the latest technology electronic speaker drivers.  Pair this increased speaker technology with the convenience of wireless connectivity, and we can now enjoy the simplicity of fantastic sound and the versatility of digital technology.

Bluetooth Wireless speakers give the best sound quality

The simple message is that mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets and even laptops have very small built in speakers, which offer very limited audio qualities, so you cannot rely on them to provide the mobile options that you need.  Likewise with ear buds and headphones, which do provide high quality audio, but you really can’t use them all day long.

Bluetooth Wireless speakers are the best solution for all of your music and audio needs, from loud quality sound tracks, to personalized options and convenience, to versatility and portability, these fantastic little speakers are the best!

Connecting your wireless speaker is called “pairing”

Modern technology takes all of the confusion and difficulty out of connecting your devices these days.  All it takes is a simple first time connection, which can be a simple one button operation, to choose an available device, and select “Connect”.  When the speaker has paired up with a suitable device, all you have to do is turn on the music, and you are good to go!

You will need to make sure that your Bluetooth wireless speaker has power switched on to the operate the device and that the battery is charged.  You might also need to make sure your sound tracks are fully queued up, or that you have your music streaming and available, but there really is nothing else to do!

Now simply enjoy the very best Bluetooth wireless speaker technology

You can enjoy the full features of your smart phone, your laptop or computer, your stereo system, or even television if Bluetooth is available.  Better still, you get connectivity to any or all of these devices wherever you are around your house or property, as long as you are within range, of course.

Enjoy the stereo effects!Best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Yes, even from these miniature wireless speakers, you get the full stereo effect.  One tiny portable speaker can deliver both left and right stereo channels.  Connect a pair of wireless speakers and one will deliver the left channel, and the other will deliver the right side for perfect stereo, and you don’t have to do anything!

Enjoy matching the décor

The best part about the latest and best Bluetooth wireless speakers is the incredible versatility that they offer.  You can sit them on a shelf, or you keep one in your pocket.  You can select a color that suits your décor, or you can choose a bright fresh color that gives the place a lift.

Any drawbacks?

Some people choose to criticize the concept of wireless systems in general because of the possibility for radio frequency interference which is always a possibility.  As long as maintain some separation between other potential wireless signals such as the cordless phone or baby monitor, then you should not have a problem from this angle.

The Choice is yours!

Bluetooth wireless speakers come in all shapes and sizes, different designs and different audio outputs.  The choice is yours, and your individual choice is can be as versatile as you could possibly desire.  Choose a Bluetooth wireless speaker to fit with your life, your place, and your décor.

You can select from the very best Bluetooth wireless speakers on the market, and they offer excellent value for money.  I recommend you take a look at some of the small and versatile wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market, as these have become extremely popular lately, and the technology is improving while the prices have come down – which is an ideal time to go shopping!

Let us introduce you to some of the best Bluetooth wireless speakers on the market.

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